Who Said Great Minds Discuss Ideas? (Solution)

“Great minds debate ideas, ordinary minds talk events, and small minds discuss individuals,” Eleanor Roosevelt said in this dotted 6-by-9-inch notepad with an Eleanor Roosevelt quotation printed on a retro-styled backdrop. The paperback edition will be released on August 15, 2019.

  • “Great minds debate ideas, mediocre minds talk events, and lesser minds discuss individuals,” as the mysterious sage puts it. In 1960, the well-known journalist Walter Winchell wrote about a sign he spotted at the home of a well-known entertainer, which said as follows: 15 “Great Minds Discuss Ideas,” reads the inscription on Arthur Godfrey’s wall.

Who first said Great minds discuss ideas?

A large group of great minds debate ideas; a large group of ordinary minds discuss events; a small group of small brains discuss persons. The remarks are credited to social crusader and former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, however I have been unable to locate a reliable source to back up this claim.

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Who said great minds think about ideas?

Quotes from Eleanor Roosevelt A large group of great minds debate ideas; a large group of ordinary minds discuss events; a small group of small brains discuss persons.

Did Socrates say Great minds discuss ideas?

As the saying goes, “strong minds debate ideas, medium minds debate events, and weak minds debate individuals.”

Who said Great minds discuss ideas small minds discuss people?

The following statement from Eleanor Roosevelt may be found on our bookshelf: “Great minds talk ideas, ordinary minds discuss events, and little minds discuss individuals.” While I’ve always aspired to such a standard, after additional examination, I discovered two flaws in this quotation: Eleanor Roosevelt, it turns out, never uttered it herself.

What is Eleanor Roosevelt’s famous quote?

As the saying goes, “A woman is like tea bag; you never know how powerful it is until you steep her in boiling water.” “Every day, do one thing that scares the living daylights out of you.” “The future belongs to those who trust in the beauty of their aspirations,” says the poet Langston Hughes. In your life, there will be many individuals who come and go, but only real friends will leave footprints in your heart.”

Who talks about ideas?

Minds of Ordinary People Discuss the current events. People are discussed by Small Minds.

What does the quote Great minds discuss ideas Average minds discuss events and small minds discuss people?

Minds that are average Talk about the events that have taken place thus far. Persons are discussed by Small Minds.

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What is the meaning of strong minds discuss ideas Average minds discuss events weak minds discuss people?

It entails a discussion among intelligent individuals on how things could or should be. Things that might or might not be happening, have happened, or will happen are discussed by people of average intelligence. Weak brains ruminate on other people and what they do or might do, have done or might do, or have done and might do.

How do you talk about concepts?

8 straightforward suggestions for concept growth and explanation

  1. Learn about your target audience.
  2. Specify your phrases.
  3. Break your notion down into ‘chunks’ and organize it accordingly
  4. In order to compare and contrast, In order to demonstrate the method or concept, share a personal experience or provide an example. Give specific instances to support your claim. Demonstrate the causes or consequences. Compare and contrast fresh notions with well-known ones.

Who said small minds?

“People are discussed by little brains.” Numerous persons, including Socrates and Eleanor Roosevelt, are credited with uttering this phrase.

What did Eleanor Roosevelt say about gossip?

1. Whenever I feel the want to gossip, this phrase from Eleanor Roosevelt always puts a halt to it… “Great minds debate ideas; ordinary minds discuss events; lesser minds discuss individuals,” as the saying goes.

When did Eleanor Roosevelt say great minds?

Large groups of people talk ideas, ordinary groups of people discuss events, and small groups of people discuss persons. Although there have been several published instances of this as an anonymous proverb dating back to at least 1948 and as a comment by Eleanor Roosevelt dating back to at least 1992, there has been no reference of the original source.

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Why do small minds talk about people?

The reason why tiny minds talk about individuals, ordinary minds talk about events, and great minds talk about ideas is a mystery to me. As a result of the conditions and environment in which they live. Small brains enjoy gossiping; they don’t have much going on in their own lives, so they pass the time by talking about the lives of others to keep themselves entertained.

What is the saying about small minds?

A large group of great minds debate ideas; a large group of ordinary minds discuss events; a small group of small brains discuss persons. Tiny things entertain small minds, and vice versa. Small brains are preoccupied with the unusual, whereas big minds are preoccupied with the mundane.

What are famous sayings?

The Most Famous Quotations

  • You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take because you don’t try. –
  • Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re absolutely correct.
  • Over the years, I’ve discovered that when one’s mind is set up, fear is less likely to manifest. –
  • I cannot alter the world on my own, but I can toss a stone across the stream and cause many ripples to appear. –

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