Which Two Political Ideas Were Most Influential In Europe After World War Ii? (Best solution)

  • A. democracy and theocracy are two different things. B. socialism and communism as political ideologies Democracy and communism are the third option. D. socialism and theocracy as political ideologies Following World War II, democracy and communism were the most prominent ideologies in Europe.

What were the two political systems conquering Europe after World War II?

Following World War II, a new era dawned for all nations engaged, marked by the demise of all European colonial empires and the simultaneous birth of two superpowers: the Soviet Union (USSR) and the United States of America (USA) (US).

What were the political changes after ww2?

Following World War II, the United States emerged as one of the world’s two leading superpowers, shifting away from its traditional isolationism and toward greater engagement in international affairs. The United States rose to become a major worldwide player in economic, political, military, cultural, and technical issues during the twentieth century.

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What were two important outcomes of World war 2?

Immediately following the end of the war, a peace conference was convened at Potsdam, Germany, to formalize the establishment of peace accords. The nations that fought alongside Hitler suffered territorial losses and were forced to provide reparations to the Allies. Germany, including its capital Berlin, was divided into four pieces during World War II.

What impact did World war 2 have on Europe?

In addition, aerial bombardment and heavy artillery were used to entirely demolish several cities, towns, and villages across Europe during the war. Thousands of refugees and internally displaced individuals were displaced as a result of the indiscriminate demolition of dwellings. In Europe, the war had an impact on almost every individual.

What was the political impact of World War 2?

The United States rose from being a midlevel global power to becoming the leader of the “free world” as a result of World War II. As a result of its fast increase in strength and influence, the United States was forced to assume new responsibilities, marking the beginning of the “American period.”

Which two sentences describe the state of Europe after the war?

United States became the head of the “free world” after World War II, transforming it from a midlevel global force to a worldwide superpower. In response to its fast increase in power and influence, the United States was forced to assume new responsibilities, marking the start of the “American period.”

What social changes occurred after World war II?

New families were formed as women married servicemen from other countries and relocated abroad; children were born into fatherless homes as a result of demobilised troops returning to the United States or Canada or as a result of a death as a result of the war; and the divorce rate increased as many families struggled to re-adjust after the war.

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How did the Cold War influence politics?

Domestic policy was influenced by the Cold War in two ways: socially and economically. In terms of social change, the thorough indoctrination of the American people resulted in a reversal of previous gains. Economically, the massive boom fostered by war-related sectors was assisted by a significant increase in government spending.

What was the political impact of the Cold War?

In the United States, the Cold War resulted in the election of anti-communist presidents such as Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, and Ronald Reagan. In addition to engaging in political and cultural warfare with the Soviet Union, these presidents engaged in economic warfare with the Soviet Union.

How did Europe recover from ww2?

The Marshall Plan, also known as the European Recovery Initiative, was a United States government program that provided assistance to Western Europe in the aftermath of World War II. It was established in 1947. When it was established in 1948, it provided more than $15 billion to aid in the financing of reconstruction activities across the continent. The idea was conceived by former Secretary of State George C. Shultz.

What was the most important outcome of WWII?

The spread of communism from the Soviet Union into eastern Europe, as well as its eventual triumph in China, would be among the war’s legacies, as would be the global shift in power away from Europe and toward two rival superpowers–the United States and the Soviet Union–who would soon come face to face in the Cold War.

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What are three countries that became communist Following World War II?

The Soviet Union and Poland were two European countries that were a part of the communist bloc at the time.

What was the economic situation in Europe after ww2?

Because so much had been destroyed during the war, many European nations were severely indebted to the United States and were unable to pay to reconstruct their infrastructures. There were food and raw material shortages, and thousands of refugees were still without shelter in the aftermath of the war. Consequently, there were few jobs available and unemployment was high as a result of these issues.

How did World war 2 impact society?

Numerous enterprises shifted their focus away from the manufacture of civilian items and toward the manufacture of war supplies and military vehicles. In an amazing amount of time, American industries began producing weapons, aircraft, tanks, and other military equipment for the United States military. As a result, there were more employment available, and more Americans returned to the workforce as a result of this.

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