Which Of The Following Ideas Is Most Characteristic Of The Conflict View Of The Social World? (Solution)

Which of the following notions is the most representative of the conflict-oriented perspective on the social world? Subgroups within society are engaged in a merciless battle for control of scarce resources. One variable is related with a high score, whereas another is associated with a poor score.
Which of the following notions is the most representative of the conflict-oriented perspective on the social environment? A vicious fight for few resources exists amongst subgroups within society. High performance on one variable is related with a low performance on the other, and vice versa.

  • Conflict is a type of contact that is sociologically relevant both from the perspective of personality (at the individual level) and from the perspective of social organization. As a result of conflict, both self-awareness and group consciousness are developed. Every difficulty that a person faces in his or her life is a conflict (battle) at the individual level.


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Which of the following characterizes conflict paradigm’s view of deviance?

In what way does the conflict theory of deviance differ from the others? When someone learns anything the “wrong way,” they become a criminal. Deviance is transmitted from one person to another through the transfer of attitudes, values, and reactions, among other means.

What are the 3 sociological perspectives?

Which of the following statements best represents the conflict theory of deviant behavior? When someone learns anything the “wrong way,” they become criminal. Through the transmission of attitudes, values, and reactions, deviance is conveyed from one individual to the next.

What does McIntyre mean when she refers to sociology as a science that studies fuzzy objects?

In referring to sociology as a discipline that analyzes fuzzy things, McIntyre is alluding to the fact that sociological predictions, like those of certain physicists, must be based on a probabilistic approach.

Which of the following is a characteristic of symbolic Interactionism?

Some of the characteristics of the symbolic interaction perspective are an emphasis on interpersonal interactions, the use of symbols in communication and interaction, interpretation as a component of action, the construction of the self by individuals and others in flexible, adjustable social processes through communication and interaction, and the use of symbols in communication and interaction.

Which of the following is a characteristic of contemporary cross border crimes?

In today’s world of cross-border crime, which of the following characteristics is prevalent? Consumer demand is the driving force behind these crimes.

What is the conflict perspective of deviance?

Deviant behaviors, according to conflict theory, are activities that do not conform to social norms and regulations. The potential of the institution to alter social norms, wealth, or position comes into conflict with the individual’s desires. Destitute people’s legal rights may be overlooked, while the middle class may stand with the elites rather than the poor.

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What are the examples of social conflict?

Here are some real-world instances of conflict theory that have occurred in both economic and societal settings.

  • A look at Occupy Wall Street, the Education System, the Criminal Justice System, the #MeToo Movement, Race and Black Lives Matter, Proposition 8, and other social issues.

What is a conflict perspective?

The conflict viewpoint refers to the inequities that exist in all cultures across the world, regardless of their location. According to the Conflict paradigm, every society is afflicted by inequality, which is based on social distinctions between the dominant group and all of the other groups in society, including the minority group.

What is conflict perspective example?

When it comes to the connection between employers and workers, conflict theory depicts it as one of conflict, in which the employers want to pay the least amount feasible for the employees’ labor while the employees want to maximize their income.

Are the social sciences science?

The social sciences are scientific in the sense that we are attempting to get a real understanding of man and his environment. Sociology and social psychology should be responsible for investigating the problem of bias in social research, according to the scientific community.

What are social science theories?

46), social science theory is defined as ‘a systematic explanation for the observable facts and laws that relate to a specific element of life’ that is ‘a systematic explanation for the observed facts and laws that relate to a specific aspect of life’. As we go about our daily lives, we generate theories on a regular basis to account for the actions of others or to explain specific situations that we encounter.

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What are some social science theories?

The typology is then used to group together various important varieties of social theory, including action theory, systems theory/functionalism, psychoanalytic theory, symbolic interactionism, rational choice theory, and phenomenology, among others.

Which of the following is a characteristic of sociology?

Sociology is a social science in the same vein as economics, political science, psychology, and other related disciplines. It is not a physical science in the traditional sense. Sociology is concerned with the social universe, rather than the physical universe. Sociology is concerned with social facts, social phenomena, man’s social interactions, and man’s behavior in social situations.

How does the conflict perspective view society?

The Conflict-Related Point of View Fight for scarce resources is seen by conflict theory as a dynamic entity that is continually changing as a result of the competition for resources.

Which of the following is characteristic of functionalism?

Functionalists think that attaining social order is impossible without a collective conscience/a common set of values and beliefs, and that social order is essential for the well-being of the entire community. They think that the value consensus serves as the fundamental integrating principle in a democratic society.

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