Which Are Main Ideas Of Swift’s A Modest Proposal? (Solution found)

  • In “A modest proposal,” the general central idea is that, in times of need and in the interest of eradicating poverty, society should treat poor children as if they were potential sources of food, similar to any other form of cattle. Options A, B, and C are all extensions of Swift’s main idea, providing additional details and increasing the motivation to consider this the best solution.

What are the main ideas of Swift’s modest proposal?

It is proposed in the article, which is presented as an economic treatise, that the government alleviate poverty in Ireland by killing the children of Irish impoverished families and selling them as food to affluent English landlords. Swift’s suggestion is a caustic rebuke of England’s legal and economic abuse of Ireland, and it is based on a true story.

What is the main point of A Modest Proposal quizlet?

Swift satirizes Ireland’s impoverished, who are living in deplorable conditions, by identifying the problem first. He then makes a solution for alleviating this load, which includes reducing the population, finding a new source of food, and putting an end to begging on the streets.

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What is the thesis of A Modest Proposal?

When Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” is read aloud, the implied thesis is that Ireland would be in a better position if Irish society and the monarchy actually addressed problems such as overpopulation and poverty. The overt thesis is that Irish people should consider eating their children and selling them to rich people.

Which sentence about Swift’s A Modest Proposal is written objective?

Which statement from Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” is written in a purely objective manner? “A Modest Proposal” makes use of faulty premises in order to convey the message that it is truly a parody.

What is one way that A Modest Proposal is ironic?

One way in which “A Modest Proposal” is sarcastic is as follows: Not only is the narrator’s suggestion absurd and immodest, but it is also unacceptable and unacceptable. He offers realistic suggestions for recipes that include cooking youngsters in the kitchen.

How is A Modest Proposal satire?

In order to convey its point, “A Modest Proposal” employs a technique known as satire, which is defined as the use of sarcasm, comedy, or exaggeration to critique the beliefs of others. Swift establishes his argument by putting together an abhorrent collection of ethically indefensible premises in order to assign guilt to everyone and everything at once.

What is the modest proposal of the author?

Who was the intended audience for Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal?” Both the English, who were buying up all of Ireland’s territory at the time of Swift’s writing and the Irish themselves were among the targeted readers for Swift’s booklet.

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What are the 6 proposals in A Modest Proposal?

So, what are the six most significant advantages? According to the speaker, his plan would (1) reduce the number of Catholics, (2) provide the poor with a tangible asset, (3) aid the economy by introducing a new food, (4) decrease the amount of time “breeders” have to spend raising children, (5) improve the taverns’ business, and (6) encourage marriage among young people.

What is the true meaning of A Modest Proposal?

Simple and reasonable are two adjectives that describe modesty. The phrase “A Modest Proposal” is utilized humorously in the title of the book because the proposal is truly ridiculous. With the expression “modest suggestion,” people are sometimes jokingly proposing something in order to draw attention to an issue by pushing it to its logical extreme.

What is A Modest Proposal persona?

A Simple and Reasonable Proposal The persona feels that the lives of people who live in poverty are less valuable than the lives of those who live in wealth. Due to the fact that he does not appear to be disgusted or feel awful about advocating that we slaughter and eat kids, the persona looks to be almost dispassionate.

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