What Were George Lucas’s Ideas For Star Wars Episode 7? (Question)

The ideal way to see all of the Star Wars movies and television programs is in chronological sequence. When asked about his trilogy proposal during a Tribeca Film Festival panel in 2015, Lucas stated that his trilogy idea would have more or less taken over the mantle left by the Expanded Universe books. Similarly, Lucas wished for his sequels to symbolize yet another generational shift in society.

  • Johnson’s film, according to The Art of Star Wars: The Last Jedi (via Slashfilm), included many of the elements Lucas had in mind for Episode VII, including the premise of an older, damaged Luke instructing a young, Force-sensitive pupil named Kira (later renamed “Rey”).

What were George Lucas plans for Star Wars?

Undoubtedly the most shocking discovery is that George Lucas wanted to revive Darth Maul, the villain from “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace,” and make him the major enemy of the prequel trilogy. He would have “technological legs” and “become the godfather of crime in the universe as the Empire crumbles,” and he would “become the godfather of crime in the universe as the Empire crumbles, he takes control.”

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What was George Lucas vision for Star Wars?

Lucas was determined to produce a different sort of science fiction film—something lighthearted and entertaining that would appeal to 14- and 15-year-olds. According to him in an interview, “the reason I’m doing Star Wars is that I want to give young kids some type of faraway foreign world for their imaginations to go about in.” Star Wars is set to be released in theaters on December 18, 2015.

What was George Lucas’s ideas for the sequel trilogy?

It was my intention to write a trilogy centered on the father, a trilogy centered on the son, and a trilogy centered on the daughter and her grandkids.

What does George Lucas think of the new Star Wars?

3 Lucas is a big fan of the Mandalorian series of films. During an interview with Filoni, who is widely considered to be the galaxy’s heir apparent, he said that Lucas had been quite appreciative about the program. Lucas expressed his delight at being able to “watch the program as a fan” to Filoni. This is strong praise coming from someone who has expressed reservations about the direction of the Star Wars franchise.

Is George Lucas still involved with Star Wars?

Lucas, the inventor of “Star Wars,” has reportedly returned to creative control under the Lucasfilm label, which is now owned by Disney, according to multiple sources. It has even been suggested that Lucas is working on a new trilogy of films, according to reports.

Did George Lucas plan the original trilogy?

Despite the fact that Lucas planned a prequel trilogy (as well as a sequel trilogy) prior to the publication of the original film, Lucas decided to put a stop to major Star Wars films after the original trilogy by 1981. Lucas’ return to filmmaking after a 22-year absence following the release of the original Star Wars in 1977 signified the culmination of the trilogy.

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How long did it take George Lucas to write Star Wars?

To answer your question, Lucas is said to have begun thinking of “The Star Wars” in 1971-72, and the film was completed in 1977, giving a total of roughly 5 or 6 years between the two events.

Why did George Lucas not write the sequels?

An interview with the magazine Entertainment Weekly released in 2020 reveals that Lucas opted not to work on the trilogy at the time because he was “about to have a daughter” at the time and wanted to “enjoy life for a bit.” He also went into further depth about his tale treatments, including: The events in Return of the Jedi would set the stage for the beginning of the trilogy a few years later.

How does George Lucas feel about the sequel trilogy?

Using a text from The Star Wars Archives, we may learn what George Lucas had to say about the Star Wars sequels and his decision to leave the Lucasfilm empire. Lucas appeared to be “betrayed” and “upset” when he learned that his designs for the sequel trilogy would not be included in Disney’s version of the sequel trilogy, according to Bob Iger’s memoir published in 2019.

How George Lucas would have written the sequels?

What George Lucas had to say about the Star Wars sequels and his decision to leave Lucasfilm is revealed in a passage from The Star Wars Archives. Lucas appeared to feel “betrayed” and “upset” when he learned that his concepts for the sequel trilogy would not be included in Disney’s version of the sequel trilogy, according to Bob Iger’s memoir published in 2019.

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Has Disney ruined Star Wars?

Disney did not wreak havoc on the Star Wars franchise. We would not have had any more movies if it weren’t for Disney, or at least not any in the near future. Lucas had completed the filming of the films. Disney saved Star Wars, or at least the canonical versions of the films.

What was George Lucas favorite Star Wars movie?

Solo: A Star Wars Story is a film directed by J.J. Abrams. Lucas seemed to have appreciated Solo the most out of all of the Disney Star Wars films thus far.

Does Lucas regret selling Star Wars?

Despite the fact that Lucasfilm was sold to Disney in a deal valued at more than $4 billion eight years ago, George Lucas believes the choice to relinquish ownership of his legendary space series is still “very, very difficult.” “The Star Wars Archives: Episodes I-III” author Paul Duncan met down with Lucas for an interview as part of the newly released book “The Star Wars Archives: Episodes I-III.”

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