What If Ideas For Stories? (Question)

Neither research nor a Google search for inspiration were conducted prior to the creation of these tale writing ideas on the fly.

  • What if the timelines of the past and the present began to merge? What if the Greek Gods really did roam the earth in ancient times? But what happens if your stepfather or stepmother turns out to be your future self? What would happen if the sun went out of business?


  • If you want to come up with your own tale ideas, you should employ the “what if” strategy. Consider a circumstance, then ask yourself, “what if…” and fill in the blanks at the end. For example, your issue may have a character who want to abandon school altogether. For inspiration, consider the following scenario: “What if…that character skips school and then runs into their teacher?”

What are good ideas for stories?

The Top Ten Story Concepts

  • Inform the audience about a scar. When a group of youngsters discovers a dead corpse, they are shocked. A young genius is left without a family. A ghost is discovered by a middle-aged lady. When her fiancé decides to end his relationship with her, a lady who is passionately in love is devastated. The biggest dread of a gifted young man is what is holding him back in life.
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Which story should I write?

SEEK OUT THE MAJOR THOUGHT. A novel-long narrative must be of a particular length in order to be considered novel-length. Not the length of the words, but the possibility for a wide range of emotions, situations, and high stakes on a broad canvas. This is something you must experience in your writer’s soul in order to write well. Consider the novels that have had the biggest impact on you.

How do I start a story?

Starting Stories: 5 Effective Strategies for Getting Things Started

  1. The first strategy is to start with action or dialogue. The second strategy is to ask a question. The third strategy is to describe the scene. Strategy 4: Introduce yourself by providing background information. 5. Have the main character introduce him or herself.

How can I create a story?

Everything I Know About How to Write a Story is Contained Within This Document

  1. Write Everything in One Session. Try to complete the first draft of your narrative in the shortest amount of time. Create Suspense and Drama in Your Story by Developing Your Protagonist. Demonstrate, don’t tell. How to Write Effective Dialogue. How to Write About Death. How to Edit like an Expert Understand the rules, then defy them.

How do you pick a story?

The following are the seven criteria to take into consideration while picking which narrative concept to write about next.

  1. Look Past the Premise
  2. Recognize that simply enjoying certain parts of a story isn’t enough. Experiment with blowing up your own head. Look for characters who have strong voices and have a lot of interaction. Determine what kind of story you want to tell by looking for a larger narrative.
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How can I improve my story writing?

4 Pointers for Creating a Better Story

  1. Bring in some new eyes to look at it. The benefit of taking a break and returning to your book or short story writing at a later time is that you will have a new perspective on the substance and organization of your tale.
  2. Increase the number of layers. Accept and celebrate your shortcomings. Only the scenes that are important are kept.

What should I write about?

What subject matter should I write about?

  • It may be a life-changing lesson you learned. It could be something you know how to do. It could be the life story of someone close to you. Something that causes you to get enraged or dissatisfied. The View of a Popular Topic (or Label) from a Different Perspective. Life Hacks
  • Something Most People Don’t Know About Something
  • How to Find Something

How do you start a story with a girl?

The first few lines of a tale should introduce a character, place them in a situation, and provide them with a dilemma. ten enthralling ways to begin a narrative

  1. Strong voice.
  2. Relevant anecdote.
  3. Intriguing mystery.
  4. Uneasy suspense.
  5. Stirring theme.
  6. Dynamic setting.

How do you name a story?

Some of the elements that good titles have in common are as follows:

  1. Short. The titles that stand out the most are generally on the shorter side. Evocative. Best-selling titles are frequently evocative, and they typically feature engaging language and imagery. It was memorable and one-of-a-kind. It is important for a book title to be both memorable and original.

How do you start a creepy story?

4 Points to Consider When Writing a Scary Story

  1. Investigate your fears and anxieties. Start with one of your most terrifying fears—not to be confused with things that are generally regarded frightening. Identify the primary character in your story. Create a sense of suspense. Precaution: Stay away from the clichés.
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Can anyone write a book?

A book may be written by anyone. However awful or confusing, it is still a book, and many published authors haven’t fared much better in their endeavors. This, on the other hand, is encouraging since it implies that anyone who puts in the necessary effort may genuinely write effectively. We receive some of our most excellent articles from regular individuals from all walks of life.

How can kids write a good story?

Helping Your Child Write a Story: A Step-by-Step Instructional Guide

  1. Helping Your Child Write a Story: A Step-by-Step Guide to Tutoring

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