What Ideas Did Jesus Teach His Followers? (Correct answer)

Following Jesus’ teachings, he promised his followers that people who live good lives and follow his teachings will be rewarded with eternal life in the kingdom of God. Jesus also taught that individuals who commit sins and turn their backs on God will spend eternity in Hell as a result of their actions.

What things did Jesus teach us?

He taught us about the kingdom of God via the use of parables and tales. His most effective way, though, is teaching by example. Many Christian principles, like as love and compassion, were taught to us via his actions. He resurrected children from the dead out of compassion for their parents, and he welcomed people from all walks of life into his circle of followers.

What were the 3 basic teachings of Jesus?

Justice, morality, and service to others were among his three fundamental precepts, which he divided into three categories.

How did Jesus influence his followers?

While Jesus was able to have an impact on a wide range of individuals, his greatest sphere of influence was that of his followers. First and foremost, Jesus wishes to foster a single objective among his disciples: ‘to witness to the truth.’ (John 17:17) Second, rather than using authority to compel his disciples to work toward a shared purpose, Jesus used influence.

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What was Jesus main message?

It is believed that God provided mankind redemption and eternal life via Jesus’ death and subsequent resurrection, and that Jesus died in order to atone for sin and bring humanity back into right relationship with God.

What good things did Jesus do?

Miracles on display at a gallery

  • Peter’s wife’s mother is healed. The deaf mute of Decapolis is healed. The blind at birth is healed. The paralytic at Bethesda is healed. Peter’s mother-in-law is healed. The Blind Man of Bethsaida
  • The Blind Man of Jericho
  • Curing the Centurion’s servant
  • Christ healing an infirm lady
  • The Healing of the Centurion’s servant

What was Jesus greatest teaching?

After being asked which commandment was the most essential, Jesus responded, “Thou must love the Lord your God with all of thine heart, with all of thy soul, and with all of thine mind.” The first and most important commandment is this. The second commandment is similar to the first: “Thou shall love thy neighbor as oneself” (Matthew 22:37–39).

How did Jesus inspire his disciples?

In addition to teaching His disciples how to pray (the Lord’s prayer), Jesus prayed for the young children who were brought to Him, He prayed with the disciples Peter, James, and John, and He prayed all by Himself. It was also at this time that He taught His followers to love sinners, and He displayed this by sharing a meal with them.

How did Jesus influence the world?

Jesus had a global compassion for individuals who were suffering that transcended the laws of the old world and was reflected in his teachings. His concern for the impoverished and the sick resulted in the establishment of leper asylums, which served as the forerunners of modern-day hospitals.

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How did Jesus influence the development of Christianity?

During the reign of the Roman Empire, Jesus of Nazareth began teaching a message of compassion and forgiveness to the people of the world. His life and teachings were instrumental in the spread of Christianity. Christianity, on the other hand, eventually came to be recognized as the official religion of the Roman Empire. Early Christians established the church and gathered the texts that would later become known as the Christian Scriptures.

What did Jesus’s followers believe about him?

When Jesus of Nazareth began teaching a message of compassion and forgiveness during the reign of the Roman Empire, it was considered revolutionary. He was instrumental in the growth of Christianity via his life and teachings. The official religion of the Roman Empire became Christianity, however, over time. Christianity was founded by early Christians, who also gathered the texts that would eventually become known as the Christian Bible.

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