What Evidence Supports The Fact That Western Political Ideas Have Spread To Asia? (Correct answer)

What role does Western culture have in the acceptance of different cultures across the world?

  • It is NOT the election of a democratically elected leader in the Arab state of Tunisia that serves as an example of how Western civilization is welcomed in other areas of the world. MAYBE the adoption of a constitution in Libya that is more democratic in nature. The Arab Spring is best defined as the demonstrations against dictatorships that took place in numerous Arab countries in 2011.

What evidence supports the fact that Western political ideas have spread to Asia quizlet?

What evidence does there exist to support the notion that Western political concepts have made their way to Asia? In Asia, democratic administrations are being developed in a number of places.

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How does Western culture influence the world?

The influence of western culture on many places of the world is quite vast and diverse. The exploitation of fast food and western fashion by multinational firms has allowed western culture to have an impact on religion, culture, tradition, the economy, and the governance of a country. It has a negative impact on the country’s traditional manner of dressing.

Which examples demonstrate cultural diffusion?

In addition, the spread of music around the world is an example of cultural diffusion. The musical genre of jazz, for example, originated in the United States as a fusion of African and European musical traditions. As a result, it is now loved all over the world, and there are many diverse versions within the genre.

What is the best explanation for how modern technology can cause culture to lose its uniqueness quizlet?

The terms in this collection (8) In your opinion, what is the most compelling argument for how contemporary technology might lead culture to lose its distinctiveness? It is possible for culture to become generic. What type of economy would a country have if it were to be affected by Western philosophy and culture? the demonstrations against dictatorships that took place in various Arab countries in 2011.

How did Western culture primarily spread to China?

The terms included in this grouping (8) The greatest explanation for how contemporary technology might lead culture to lose its distinctiveness is still up for debate. It is possible for culture to become sterile and standardized. How would a country’s economy look like if it were to be impacted by Western thought? In 2011, protests were held in a number of Arab countries against dictature.

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Which of these is an example of Westernization?

Westernization of the globe may be illustrated by examples such as democracy, fast food, and American popular culture, amongst other things.

What is Western influence?

It is the process of Westernization that occurs when non-Western societies come under the influence of Western culture or adopt Western culture in a variety of areas such as industry and technology, law and political systems, economics and sociology; lifestyle; diet and clothing; language and alphabet; religion, philosophy, and values; and other areas.

What are Western ideas?

The values of Western culture have, throughout history, been derived from political philosophy, broad application of rational reasoning in favor of freethought, assimilation of human rights, the necessity of equality, and democratic principles of government.

How does Western culture affect the Nepalese society?

It has unquestionably brought about a shift in the customary way of life of the people. Invasive cultural invasion is caused by the rising urbanization of the world. Following western culture may result in the full annihilation of Nepalese tradition.

What are two ways that cultures have spread to other regions in the past?

It is possible for culture to be spread in two ways: through relocation diffusion and through expansion diffusion.

What is an example of cultural diffusion in East Asia?

When it comes to East Asia, what is a good example of cultural diffusion? Also included was an exchange of ideas and information among those attending the conference. The introduction of Buddhism to China was a case in point of the process of cultural dissemination. Both the East and the West suffered cultural shifts as a result of commerce.

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How is culture spread?

Social connection is the primary means of spreading culture; in extreme circumstances, social contagion is used to transmit culture. We don’t need to comprehend the details of evolutionary biology in order to understand why units of culture spread; instead, we just need to be aware that there is a theory on why, and more significantly on how, culture spreads.

Which statement is the best example of society influencing technology?

Which of the following statements is the finest example of society having an impact on technology? The development of the vehicle aided residents in major cities who desired to live a longer distance away from their places of employment and shopping.

Which are examples of modern technology that can spread culture more quickly than in the past?

Cell phones, satellites, the Internet, and jet planes are all examples of modern technology that have the potential to transmit culture more swiftly than they have in the past.

What was the foundation on which Western culture was built?

Grecian philosophy, Roman law, and Christian culture are among the most significant influences on Western society today. In many ways, ancient Greece is regarded the cradle of Western civilization, as evidenced by the emergence of a democratic form of government as well as significant breakthroughs in philosophy, science, and mathematics.

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