What Do Her Comments Reveal About Her Own Valuces And Ideas? (Question)

Despite the fact that she is the voice telling her narrative and explaining what she thinks about as responses to the knight’s query, the narrator’s comments indicate her own values and ideals as a narrator. Her responses disclose a lot about her prior life and how she grew up during a period like this, which is fascinating. This is demonstrated near the conclusion of the narrative.

What is the moral of the Wife of Bath’s tale?

However, whilst the lesson of the traditional tale of the abominable hag is that genuine beauty can only be found within, the Wife of Bath comes to this conclusion only by chance in her story. Her message is that, regardless of how beautiful a woman is, she should be followed by her husbands in all matters. More information on the theme of romance may be found here.

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What is the Wife of Bath arguing with respect to each issue is this convincing Why or why not?

The Wife contends that women were endowed with deception by God as a part of their character. Consequently, she says that women should take use of their natural abilities – as this is the one edge they have over males. The Wife accepts to this and becomes into everything that anti-feminist literature decries women for being – disloyal to their husband.

Who does the old woman say is truly rich in lines 323 336?

Even though the old lady is impoverished, she believes that poor people who accept their plight and do not covet what others have are indeed wealthy (Line 323-336). She concedes that she is ancient, but she asserts that this will serve as a guarantee of her loyalty (Line 360).

What arguments does the old woman use to put the night to shame?

Lingua 316-320, 322-358 So, what are the reasons that the elderly woman use to put the knight in his place? It is the elderly woman’s contention that kindness and decent actions are not something that is passed down from generation to generation. Vice and poor manners are what define a man as being of low social standing. Several people tell him that he is not honorable in any way.

Does the Wife of Bath have a name?

The “Wife of Bath,” like the other storytellers in The Canterbury Tales, is introduced just by her title at first: “Wife of Bath.” In the end, we find that her given name is Alysoun, and that she is sometimes referred to as “Aly” (remember, she shares a name with the carpenter’s wife in the “Miller’s Tale”).

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Does the knight from The Wife’s tale learn his lesson?

Even though it takes him a long time, the knight ultimately understands his mistake. With him, the story appears to be urging women not to lose faith in the men in their life; they may make some mistakes along the way, but they will eventually come around to their ways.

Is marriage a necessary evil Wife of Bath?

Even though it takes him a long time, the knight ultimately grasps the lesson. Thus, the story appears to be urging women to keep their faith in the men in their life; they may make errors along the way, but they will eventually come around.

How does the Wife of Bath manipulate her husband’s?

The Wife of Bath used her sexual prowess to exert control over the men in her life. She would compel her husbands to bring her gifts and subject them to torturous interrogation. Women in medieval culture could only rise to positions of power and wealth via the marriage of their husbands.

How does the Knight treat the old woman?

When the old lady assists the knight in saving his life and he promises himself to her, the knight treats her cruelly, indicating that he does not wish to marry her. He then reluctantly marries her, but he is still furious about it and later that night he labels her “ugly and lowborn.”

Why does the old woman give the knight what he desires?

What is the reason behind the elderly woman giving the knight what he desires? He entrusts her with the management of his fate. Describe the prayer that the Wife of Bath says at the conclusion of her narrative.

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What do you think took her Maidenhead means?

What does it mean that he seized her maidenhead by power of will signify? He took advantage of her virginity.

What was Geoffrey Chaucer masterpiece?

The Canterbury Tales, written by Geoffrey Chaucer in the 13th century, are unquestionably a classic of English literature.

What does the old hag symbolize inside the story?

A hag is a woman who appears in numerous myths and folk stories as a lady who is capable of effortlessly transitioning between youth and old age, and who is frequently associated with the aging process in women. 5

Why did the old woman promise him both beauty and fidelity?

Women want to be able to exert control over their spouses. What was the reason for the woman’s vow of both beauty and fidelity? Because he gave her the option, and that is what most women desire.

What are the old woman’s arguments in favor of the marriage?

As the elderly lady says, the husband of an old and unsightly wife should never be concerned that his wife would be unfaithful to him again. Did you find any levity in the knight’s answer to the elderly woman’s offer of a choice to be amusing? Explain. He provides her with the one thing that all women seek above all else: control over their husbands or boyfriends.

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