Person Who Adheres To Certain Ideas?

  • That individual can be labeled as a conformist. Uncritical or habitual conformity to the conventions, rules, or styles of a group is referred to as acculturation. Consider the following examples: organizations whose workers are loyal without becoming dumb conformists

What do you call someone who supports an idea?

proponent. noun. someone who expresses public support for a certain concept, program, goal, or other initiative

What is an adherent person?

a person who is faithful to a leader, group, or religion: a person who clings to or supports a system or set of principles Adherent has a more in-depth definition in the English Language Learners Dictionary. adherent. noun. adherent | ad-hir-ent | ad-hir-ent | ad-hir-ent | ad-hir-ent | ad-hir-ent | ad-hir-ent | ad-hir-ent | ad-hir-ent

What is it called when you stick to something?

adhere. verb. formal to remain steadfast in one’s convictions.

What is a recalcitrance?

one who is stubbornly rebellious in the face of authority or restriction 2a: It is tough to control or run the machine.

What is it called when someone gives you an idea?

A proposer, nominator, or advocate are all terms used to describe someone who makes a suggestion.

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What is a conceptor?

a person who develops or conceives ideas or plans, as a proper noun

What is a devout?

Define fervent in your own words. Devotees of the Catholic faith are those who are dedicated or devoted to their religion, as well as to religious responsibilities or activities. 2: demonstrating piety or religious fervor: demonstrating devotion or adopting a devoted attitude

What is the prefix of adhere?

In all cases, the term derives from the Latin root haere “stick,” which is coupled to the prefix ad- “to,” giving the meaning “to adhere to” in the phrase. Adherents are defined in a variety of ways.

What is the meaning of Phrenologist?

It is the study of the size and form of people’s heads with the notion that it is possible to learn about their personalities and skills by doing so. Phrenology is an old science that dates back thousands of years. phrenologist Forms of the word: phrenologists countable noun in the plural. Queen Victoria had her own personal phrenologist, who she saw on a regular basis.

What do you call someone who sticks to their morals?

Someone who is morally zealous would be someone who is completely committed to upholding their moral principles: She is unquestionably a morally zealous individual.

What is Obstinance?

Stubbornness is defined as 1a: the characteristic or state of being obstinate. She was adamant in her refusal to budge from her point of view. The characteristic or state of being difficult to treat, ease, or reduce the obstinacy of TB is defined as follows: 2: an example of being obstinate and becoming angered by the senator’s obstinacies

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What does Contumaciously mean?

obstinately recalcitrant; disobedient; rebellious She had been informed that her obnoxious behavior would not be allowed and that she would be fired.

What makes someone recalcitrant?

Recalcitrant is defined as someone who refuses to submit to authority. A refractory employee is one who refuses to obey the rules and regulations of the company. When this individual is reprimanded by their job, he or she may lash out. Some of the other qualities of a rebellious employee include being stubborn, being hesitant to obey instructions, being defiant, and having an unrepentant attitude.

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