In What Two Ways Did The Crusades Contribute To The Spread Of Renaissance Ideas Throughout Europe? (Solution found)

The second method in which the Crusades contributed to the Renaissance was through the mass pilgrimages that they organized. New trade channels were established to provide the crusaders with food, clothing, and weapons since a considerable proportion of the European people had left their homes and traveled to the Holy Land at this time.

  • By establishing contact with the Islamic world, the Crusades help to the dissemination of Renaissance ideals throughout Europe and the world. Muslims were far more sophisticated than their European counterparts in science, cosmology, medicine, mathematics, and logic. In the course of the Crusade, Europeans found and rediscover ancient Greek and Roman culture and art.

How did Crusades contribute to the Renaissance in Europe?

The Crusaders brought back knowledge from their travels in the East. What role did the Crusades have in the development of the European Renaissance? Merchants marketed their wares around the continent of Europe.

How did the Crusades contribute to the development of the Renaissance?

With the conflicts came a steady demand for supplies and transportation, which resulted in the development of shipbuilding and the production of a wide range of commodities. There was an increase in interest in travel and study throughout Europe during the Crusades. Some historians argue that this heightened interest may have prepared the way for the Renaissance.

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How did the Crusades impact the Renaissance quizlet?

A persistent need for supplies and transportation emerged from the conflicts, prompting shipbuilding and the production of a wide range of products. There was an increase in interest in travel and study throughout Europe following the Crusades. Some historians think that this increased interest cleared the ground for the Renaissance to take place.

How did the Crusades affect feudalism quizlet?

What impact did the Crusades have on feudalism? The Crusades necessitated the recruitment of soldiers to fight against the Muslims. As the Crusades progressed, more and more people were being given land in exchange for their assistance in the battle. Land equals money equals power, hence diminishing feudalism.

How did the Crusades influence European society quizlet?

As a result of the Crusades, economic boom occurred in Europe, with greater commerce and the usage of money resulting in the abolition of serfdom and the wealth of northern Italian cities. They resulted in a rise in the power of monarchs, as well as a temporary increase in the power of the papacy.

In what two ways did the Crusades contribute to the spread of Renaissance ideas throughout Europe quizlet?

The Crusades aided in the expansion of trade and knowledge across much of European history. This growth in commerce transformed Europe’s economy and ushered in the end of feudalism as wandering knights emancipated their serfs from their masters’ control. The interchange of ideas between the East and the West had a significant role in the Renaissance’s emergence.

How did Crusades affect feudalism?

The Crusades had a significant impact on Western Europe. They contributed to the demise of feudalism. For the crusades to be financed, thousands of lords and knights mortgaged or sold their land to get the necessary funds. The Crusades contributed to the dismantling of the feudal elite and the concentration of focus on the monarch and the people.

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How the Crusades contributed to the end of feudalism throughout Europe?

The Crusades contributed to the abolition of feudalism. As rulers charged taxes and recruited armies, aristocrats who joined the Crusades sold their domains and emancipated their serfs in order to support the cause of Christ. As nobles lost their positions of authority, kings established more powerful central administrations. The taxation of commerce with the East also offered fresh sources of money for the rulers.

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