How To Submit Ideas To Riot Games? (TOP 5 Tips)

  • Here’s how you can go about it: Go to the Riot support page and choose the version of LOL that you are now playing from the drop-down menu. To submit a ticket, select Submit a ticket. Locate the option that says “Contact us.” Fill out the Submit a request form and choose Discuss a personal suspension or restriction from the drop-down menu.

How do you send a message to Riot Games?

[email protected]:) Tank” / Twitter may also be reached via a support ticket sent via email:)

How long does it take to get a response from Riot Games?

In order to do this, Riot Games developed a service that reads all Zendesk data and applies it to the company’s own machine learning. What was the outcome? Because the automated answers so quickly—in most cases, in less than 30 seconds—customer satisfaction with these sorts of situations has increased dramatically.

Can you submit champions to Riot?

The Riot forums allow you to publish your suggestions for champions and items in the hopes of receiving enough votes to be reviewed by a Riot official. However, it is extremely improbable that a champion developed by the community would see the light of Summoner’s Rift.

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Is there a Riot Games client?

With the new Riot Client, you’ll have a simpler time discovering and accessing all we have to offer. There will be a single client that will provide access to all desktop Riot titles, with each game having its own dedicated product page that will include game-specific material such as the latest news and events.

How do I submit art to Valorant?

Select either “Purchases & In-Game Content” or “General” as the Request type for your request. Wait for a response from Riot to see if they are able to assist you further. Make a sketch of your beautiful work of art. Send it back to Riot, and the VP should show in your account within a few days after receiving it.

Who is CEO of Riot Games?

The Riot Group’s executive team has included Nicolo Laurent since joining the firm in 2009. He has served as Chief Executive Officer since 2017. To guarantee that Riot offers the greatest quality experiences to gamers throughout the world, Nicolo manages the company’s strategy, operations, products, and disciplines in his role as CEO.

How long does it take to ban riot?

Once you have submitted a request for your information, it will take 30 days to complete your request.

How long does a Valorant ticket take?

It is recommended that you review the frequently asked questions and suggested guides before sending a support issue. Responses are posted on the website and sent through email, and they can take up to 24 hours to process, depending on the nature of the request.

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How do you delete a riot ticket?

Open the ticket that you wish to delete and click on the “Delete” button. Select Delete from the Ticket Options menu in the upper right corner of the screen. A confirmation prompt will appear asking you to confirm that you wish to remove the ticket. To confirm that you wish to remove the ticket, click the OK button.

How do you ask riot for RP?

Yes, it is still possible to ask Riot support for one RP in return for a drawing; simply send them a ticket stating your issue, such as that you want to purchase an on-sale champion for 487 RP but you are short one RP, and include the drawing in the request as an attachment. They should abide by the rules!

How do you get a Valorant skin?

Purchasing Valorant skins is the most direct and straightforward method of obtaining them. Valorant skins are often not purchased outright, but rather exchanged for Valorant Points, which may be obtained through the in-game store or earned through other means. At this time, the only way to get Valorant points is to purchase them directly from inside the client’s interface.

How many GB is Valorant?

The game’s real complete size ranges between 14 and 20 GB, which is incredibly little when compared to other shooters on the market. Riot’s desire to have Valorant operating on as many PCs as possible is unquestionably a factor in these decisions.

How do I install Valorant?

How to get Valorant installed on your computer

  1. Visit the Valorant website and download the Valorant client from this page. Execute the file and Valorant will be installed (7.3 GB).
  2. Sign into Valorant using your Riot ID – if you’re just getting started or want to update your ID, check out our tutorial for details.
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Do you need the riot client to play league?

Thus, you will not be required to install any additional software, but you will have the option of using the Riot Client as a one-stop shop for all of our games. Because it is already included in all of our games, you don’t have to worry about taking additional steps to install the client. You can just download a single installer and run it.

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