How To Sign In To Lego Ideas When It Won’t Let You? (Solution)

What is the best way to get started with Lego Ideas?

  • Getting Things Started 1 You’ve had an excellent thought. The most important thing is to have a concept! 2 Go over the rules with your group. It is critical to ensure that your proposal complies with the regulations before submitting it. 3 Look for signs of intellectual property. Check with the organization to ensure that it is appropriate to submit your suggestion. 4 Construct it. Build it, either with real LEGO bricks or with your preferred virtual building tool of your choosing. 5 Submit your work.

Is there a LEGO Ideas app?

We’re sure you’re asking why we’re so pleased to inform you about a social network geared at children under the age of 13, considering that LEGO Ideas is geared toward builders over the age of 13. In the meanwhile, go ahead and download the free app, which is accessible on both iOS and Android, with your children to explore the numerous entertaining adventures it has in store for them.

What happens when a LEGO idea gets 10000?

It is the most difficult milestone you can achieve on LEGO Ideas, and it is to reach 10,000 backers. Following that, your concept will be examined for inclusion in the LEGO Review and may be selected for production as a LEGO Ideas set. Detailed information regarding the LEGO Review process may be found in our Guidelines and House Rules.

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How do you get into the LEGO idea?

We can only accept product recommendations that are submitted to LEGO Ideas and are constructed entirely of LEGO bricks, as well as those that comply with our other Project Guidelines. Visit and let your creativity run wild!

  1. Send us an email. Send us an email, and we’ll respond as soon as we can. Contact us via phone or email.

How old do you have to be to submit a LEGO idea?

To submit a project to LEGO Ideas, you must be over the age of sixteen. You’ll need written permission from a parent or legal guardian if you’re between the ages of 16 and 18, and your concept receives 10,000 backers or more before your project may be considered for inclusion in the LEGO Review.

Are LEGO ideas free?

Learn how to create FREE Build Ideas for LEGO sets that your child already has! If you don’t already have a LEGO Account, you can sign up for one for free here.

What should I build out of LEGO?

Check out this collection of 20 easy LEGO® projects that are excellent for starting builders!

  • Building a steam train, building a functional crane, and building a small house with an accompanying pickup truck and trailer are all projects in progress. In the medium bucket, there is an instruction book for Project #5, which is a yellow taxi cab
  • Project #6, which is a robot
  • Project #7, which is a windmill.

Does LEGO pay for ideas?

If you use LEGO concepts to design a LEGO set, you will receive a one-percent share of the income from that set alone. In the case of a set that inspires a whole series of sets, you will only receive the money from that one set. Of course, your design must be approved by LEGO and receive 10,000 upvotes in order to be considered.

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Do Lego ideas designers get paid?

Previously known as Lego Cuusoo, Lego Ideas (formerly known as Lego Cuusoo) is a website operated by Chaordix and The Lego Group that allows users to submit ideas for Lego products that may be turned into potential commercially available sets, with the original designer receiving a percentage of the royalties.

What does cuusoo stand for?

CUUSOO, which is Japanese for “imagination” or “wish,” was created in collaboration with CUUSOO SYSTEM, a subsidiary of Japan-based Elephant Design that has been involved in open innovation and crowd sourcing for more than a decade.

Who created LEGO?

It is an abbreviation of the two Danish words “leg godt,” which translates as “play well,” and is derived from this. It’s our company name, and it represents our ideal. Ole Kirk Kristiansen, the founder of the LEGO Group, launched the company in 1932. The firm has been passed down from father to son and is presently held by Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, a grandson of the company’s founding father, who founded it.

Can you pitch ideas to LEGO?

Start by putting your thinking cap on and coming up with an intriguing concept that you can bring to life using LEGO bricks or virtual construction tools. We are looking forward to seeing your concept for a future LEGO Ideas product.

What is the biggest LEGO set?

The Titanic, built with LEGO® bricks The LEGO Titanic is presently our largest LEGO kit in terms of length, measuring 53 inches (135 centimeters) in length. A total of 9,090 parts make up this 1:200 size replica of the famous ship, making it the ultimate construction job.

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How do I contact LEGO Ideas?

Support suggestions can be sent to [email protected]

How do you join LEGO Club?

Visit the LEGO Life Magazine for more information. Sign Up You either connect in to an existing LEGO account or create a new LEGO account to get started. You’ll need to provide the name, gender, and date of birth of your kid, as well as your email address. An email will be sent to the address you supplied to ask for confirmation that it is appropriate for your kid to participate in the LEGO Club.

Why are some Lego ideas not approved?

Many projects are not authorized because some aspect of them did not adhere to our Project Guidelines and House Rules, and this is one of the reasons. The two most common reasons we reject project applications are as follows: the project does not meet our basic quality standards, which we require of all projects; and the project does not meet our basic quality standards, which we expect of all projects.

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