How To Sell New Invention Ideas? (Best solution)

Selling Your Concept in Three Easy Steps

  • Understand your target market. That is, you should try to get as much input as possible on your own innovation concept. Carry do some legal research. Make every effort to investigate whether your idea is patentable or whether it can be manufactured without infringing on existing patents that have already been filed. Look into the manufacturing process.

What is the best way to patent and market an idea?

  • Patents are classified into several categories. In order to begin, you must first choose what type of patent you will be submitting an application for. Prepare your invention for submission as a patent application. A simple statement such as “I have a novel concept for a warp drive or a longer-lasting light bulb” will not be adequate to garner attention. Other Patents Should Be Investigated. Create a Prototype.
  • Submit a Patent Application.

How do I sell my invention idea?

In order to receive remuneration for your innovation concept, you may either sell your invention idea or simply sell the invention itself for a huge lump sum of money. The second alternative is to engage into a license deal with a third party. Every time your product is sold, you would receive a royalty payment.

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Can you get paid for invention ideas?

Many inventors choose to sell their ideas to firms in exchange for royalties rather than a one-time payment, especially if the invention appears to be particularly promising. This is because royalties may frequently result in them earning significantly more money over a longer period of time (passive income). Inventors might take use of this service provided by several firms.

Can you sell an idea to a company without a patent?

Yes, it is possible to sell an idea to a corporation without having a patent. However, the corporation must engage into a contract, such as a nondisclosure agreement, to protect its interests (NDA). Unfortunately, many businesses will not agree to sign an NDA with you. As a result, you may need to file at least a patent application before you can present your concept to investors.

How do you promote a new invention?

If you think that advertising your innovation will take too much time, you may want to consider hiring an invention promotion agency to do market research and assist you in finding consumers.

  1. Determine your target market. The first step in marketing your innovation is determining the intended audience. Find a manufacturer.
  2. Market your products to wholesalers.
  3. End-users should be encouraged to participate.

How much does a patent cost?

Identify the target market and its characteristics. Identifying the end-user is the first step in marketing your invention. • Locate a manufacturer. • Promote your product to wholesalers. Users should be marketed to.

How do I file for a patent?

How to File a Patent in X Steps (with Pictures)

  1. Search the United States Patent and Trademark Office for relevant terms and phrases. Find a patent attorney to assist you. Determining the sort of patent you require. Prepare and submit a provisional patent application. Register as an eFiler with the IRS. Obtain the information you’ll need for your official application. Obtaining and reviewing your official application is essential.
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Will a company buy my idea?

If your innovation concept infringes on someone else’s patent, no corporation will be interested in purchasing it; thus, do everything you can to determine whether or not your idea already exists. 4

Can you sell app ideas?

Is It Possible to Sell an App Idea? In a technical sense, absolutely. A revolutionary app concept cannot be taken to Google or Apple and demanded to be compensated for its originality and originality alone. However, if you put in the effort to work on an app concept and see it through to completion, you may sell it for millions of dollars.

How much do inventors make on royalties?

Entrepreneurial Inventor Royalties are typically in the range of 2 percent to 10 percent of net sales. Such innovators frequently prefer to start their own firm and produce and promote their own products.

How do you pitch an idea without it being stolen?

The following are four suggestions for preventing your business idea from being stolen:

  1. Non-Disclosure Agreements and Confidentiality Statements are two types of confidentiality agreements. In order to secure your concept before presenting it to others, you might consider signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Make an application for a patent or a trademark. Your Company Name.
  2. Make sure everything is documented.

How can I patent my idea for free?

Aiming to connect inventors with registered patent agents or patent attorneys, the Patent Pro Bono Program makes an effort to pair them together. These practitioners are giving their time and expertise without charging the innovator for it. However, the inventor is still responsible for paying any fees needed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO); these costs cannot be paid by the practitioner.

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Can a manufacturer steal your idea?

When manufacturers offer your goods to other consumers, they are stealing the concept that you had for it. It should also clarify that the maker will not be able to sell to any other clients. If there is an issue with the contract, having it written in the language of the manufacturer will give you the best chance of having it enforced.

How do I get my invention in stores?

How to Turn Your Invention Idea Into a Commercially Successful Product

  1. Step 1: Organize and record your invention ideas.
  2. Step 2: Check to see whether your invention has already been patented.
  3. Step 3: Conduct market research to determine whether or not your invention has a market. Step 4: Create a Prototype (i.e., demonstrate that your idea is feasible in real life)
  4. Step 5: Apply for a Patent.

What has an invention but no money?

Remember, the phrase “I have an invention but no money” simply implies that you must do all in your power to make your innovation idea and business interesting to those who have money but lack the time or drive to start their own businesses.

How do you market a prototype?

How to Bring a Product to Market in 10 Easy Steps

  1. Step 1: Conception and evaluation of an idea. Step 2: Determination of your target market. Step 3: Conducting meaningful market research. Step 4: Development of a prototype that looks and acts like the final product. Step 5: Intellectual Property Protection. Step 6: Selection of a business model. Step 7: Identification of potential partners.

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