How To Pitch Video Game Ideas? (Best solution)

7 Points to Keep in Mind When Pitching a Video Game Idea

  1. Take the time to do your homework.
  2. Tailor your pitch.
  3. Refine your logline.
  4. Provide the fundamentals, but also make it entertaining by using examples.
  5. Describe the pitch from the player’s point of view.

What is the best way to write a video game pitch?

  • Pitch documents for video games must include all of the necessary facts regarding the game. Essentially, it should include an outline of the plot, characters, gameplay mechanics, hardware requirements, target audience, and any other information that may be relevant. It is only when you have gathered all of the necessary facts that you will deliver your real pitch.

How do you write a pitch for a video game?

How to Make a Good Presentation for Your Game

  1. Even if it’s just you, the prior experience of your leadership team will be valuable. The “hook” or unique selling proposition (USP) of your game, summarized in a single line. A succinct description of the game’s narrative. A concise explanation of the gameplay loop. A succinct summary of important characteristics.

How do I sell my video game ideas?

In order to get your concept turned into a game, there are a few factors you need consider:

  • First, get in touch with the firm. Inquire if they are interested in hearing your concept and offer to sign an NDA (nondisclosure agreement).
  • Take a position with a video game firm. Get a group of people together and design the game yourselves.
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How long is a game pitch?

It is only when you have gathered all of the necessary facts that you will deliver your real pitch. As a general rule, you want this to last no more than 15 minutes. It’s important to remember that clarity and conciseness are essential. Your ramblings on how amazing an art team is will not be received well by those who have to sit and listen.

How much is a game idea worth?

An concept is utterly meaningless in today’s world. It has no associated cost or price.

How do I protect my game idea?

Obtaining a Design Patent and registering your game board designs under copyright and design patent laws should be accomplished in collaboration with a patent attorney. This section will deal with the actual design of the circuit board. A Design Patent will grant you the right to prevent anyone from manufacturing, marketing, or using your patented board design for a period of 14 years after filing your application.

Do people buy game ideas?

In no way, shape, or form. Other people’s ideas aren’t important to game creators, so don’t bother them. The majority of individuals actively oppose hearing other people’s opinions. He or she has more than enough original ideas to pursue, and they don’t have the time or resources to pursue each and every one of the ideas submitted by the general public.

How do you write an elevator pitch for a game?

An elevator pitch should be a succinct and persuasive statement of the problem you’re solving, who you’re doing it for, and one significant advantage that separates your company from its rivals, among other things. It has to be one-of-a-kind, credible, and significant. The more innovative and expansive the concept, the more difficult it is to develop a pitch.

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How do I pitch my game to investors?

What You Should Do:

  1. Include a brief bio so that we can get a sense of who you are and what you did. Deliver a very succinct elevator pitch explanation of your game that gets directly to the point. Figures should be included. Make sure to include timetables that are broken down into milestones. Describe your requirements for the VC. Include a flavor text description.

Can you patent a game idea?

First and first, if you’re wondering how to patent a game, it’s important to understand that you cannot patent a gaming concept in the same way that you cannot copyright an idea for a novel. It’s true that certain gaming creators, including computer and board game innovators, have gained a large amount of money from their ideas, but this is not the norm.

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