How Long Does It Take For A Lego Ideas Project To Become Visible? (Solution)

  • It might take several years, and you will have to put in a lot of effort to raise awareness of your initiative before it receives the required 10,000 backers. But, oh, the recognition and amazing sense of accomplishment that will be yours if your concept is successful in its entirety! Send in your suggestion

How long does it take for a LEGO Ideas set to be approved?

Sets that are given out as promotional items Having had little over three weeks to submit a submission, the public voted for a total of ten days before an expert assessment process was completed before the winner was declared.

What happens when a LEGO idea gets 10000?

Sets that are being promoted With slightly over three weeks to submit a submission, the public voted for a total of ten days before the winner was declared after an expert assessment process.

Why are some LEGO Ideas not approved?

Many projects are not authorized because some aspect of them did not adhere to our Project Guidelines and House Rules, and this is one of the reasons. The two most common reasons we reject project applications are as follows: the project does not meet our basic quality standards, which we require of all projects; and the project does not meet our basic quality standards, which we expect of all projects.

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Are LEGO Ideas successful?

Because the relationship between LEGO and Chaordix was a natural fit, LEGO Ideas has expanded to approximately 1.8 million registered members who have contributed more than 36,000 project proposals since its inception in 2014.

Do Lego ideas creators get paid?

If you use LEGO concepts to design a LEGO set, you will receive a one-percent share of the income from that set alone. In the case of a set that inspires a whole series of sets, you will only receive the money from that one set. Of course, your design must be approved by LEGO and receive 10,000 upvotes in order to be considered.

How long do Lego ideas sets last?

During the product life span and retail shelf life expectancy cycle, the majority of these adult LEGO kits are only accessible for a period of 1-3 years. However, there may be certain abnormalities, which are discussed further below. The 2020 LEGO Star Wars 77904 Nebulon-B Frigate, for example, is a highly exceptional limited edition exclusive set, and it was released only in 2020.

What does cuusoo stand for?

CUUSOO, which is Japanese for “imagination” or “wish,” was created in collaboration with CUUSOO SYSTEM, a subsidiary of Japan-based Elephant Design that has been involved in open innovation and crowd sourcing for more than a decade.

What should I build with Lego?

Check out this collection of 20 easy LEGO® projects that are excellent for starting builders!

  • Building a steam train, building a functional crane, and building a small house with an accompanying pickup truck and trailer are all projects in progress. In the medium bucket, there is an instruction book for Project #5, which is a yellow taxi cab
  • Project #6, which is a robot
  • Project #7, which is a windmill.
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What was the first Lego ideas set?

Ecto-1 from the Ghostbusters is number 21108. The first set has a theme labeled “Ideas.” Based on the project “LEGO Ghostbusters” created by user ‘BrentWaller’ and his friends.

How much do Lego ideas designers make?

LEGO Designers make $55,000 per year, or $26 per hour, which is 8 percent more than the national average for all Designers, who earn $51,000 per year, and 18 percent less than the national average for all working Americans, who earn $65,000 per year, or $72 per hour.

When did Legos start?

The LEGO Group was intrigued by all of the ideas that were circulating across the fan community, and they set out to build new community-based innovation programs. LEGO® Ideas, which was introduced in 2014, is an excellent illustration of this.

What is Afol Designer program?

The first iteration of the AFOL Designer Program was launched in September 2018, and it gave fans the opportunity to have their designs transformed into limited edition LEGO sets. Thirteen projects were successfully funded using the crowdfunding platform, with three falling short of the minimum amount of support requested from supporters.

What is the difference between Lego and Lego ideas?

Additionally, a LEGO ID enables you to engage in a variety of additional activities on, including games, message boards, and expedited checkout at the online LEGO Shop, among other things. It is your LEGO Ideas Profile that is visible to the public on the LEGO Ideas website.

How do I contact LEGO with an idea?

Support suggestions can be sent to [email protected]

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