How Did Thomas More’s Work Help Spread Humanistic Ideas? (Solution)

What role did Thomas More’s work have in the dissemination of humanistic ideas? He put them into practice in society. the Protestant Reformation Painting by Han Holbein the Younger titled The Ambassadors is seen in the image above.

  • Thomas More’s work contributes to the propagation of humanistic principles by putting them into practice in society. The explanation is as follows: Thomas More was an English member of parliament and chancellor who also wrote and practiced law. He was known for his analysis and criticism of society as well as his advocacy of revolutionary humanistic principles.


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What helped spread humanist ideas?

Italian artists who escaped the violence that was taking place in Italian towns, as well as students from the north who traveled to Italy for education and subsequently returned with humanist views, all contributed to the spread of humanist thought.

How did use of the vernacular affect the spread of humanism in Europe?

What role did the usage of the vernacular have in the dissemination of humanism throughout Europe? The use of the vernacular aided artists in the creation and distribution of works that were well received by clients. The use of the vernacular enabled authors and thinkers to reach a larger audience. Scholars were able to gather and study ancient literature because of the vernacular.

How Erasmus and more helped spread Renaissance ideas in Europe?

Desiderius Erasmus is a historical figure. Which of the following best describes how Erasmus and More contributed to the dissemination of Renaissance ideals throughout Europe? Both of them questioned Church doctrines while being devout at the same time. It boosted printing speed while simultaneously lowering costs, allowing printed ideas to be distributed more broadly and swiftly than ever before.

Which option best explains how the ideas of the Renaissance spread to the rest of Europe?

How did the ideals of the Renaissance make their way to northern Europe? Through commerce, people were able to share ideas.

How did Renaissance ideas spread?

Renaissance concepts quickly moved beyond Italy to northern Europe, where they were influenced by commerce, travel, and written literature, resulting in the development of northern European art and ideas. The dissemination of Renaissance ideas northward from Italy was aided by trade, the mobility of artists and intellectuals, and the development of printing technology.

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Which of the following helped spread ideas during the Renaissance?

Science and Technology are two of the most important aspects of our lives. The advent of the printing press aided in the dissemination of Renaissance ideals across European society.

How did the use of the vernacular help spread learning?

What role did the usage of the vernacular have in the diffusion of knowledge? This language promoted learning by the various works of literature that it disseminated, such as Dante’s The Divine Comedy, which was written in it. A large number of individuals were introduced to literature by these writers. Other methods include: interaction with Muslims, which has been shown to improve learning.

How did humanism impact Europeans thinking about government?

What was the influence of humanism on political ideas during the Renaissance? It enabled rulers to use it to legitimize the conquest of new lands. It prompted merchants to propagate European notions about democracy around the world. It gives scholars the ability to defend religious leaders over independent monarchs in a democratic society.

How did the Renaissance affect the power of independent monarchs?

What was the impact of the Renaissance on autonomous monarchs? It boosted their overall strength. It spawned a campaign to declare all monarchs to be self-governing.

What slowed the spread of the Italian renaissance across Europe quizlet?

What factors contributed to the Renaissance’s delayed diffusion outside of Italy? 1) FEUDALISM – The areas outside Italy were primarily agricultural, and the Feudal social system had a tremendous influence over the land.

Who was the Renaissance writer whose work was based on their professional experience?

A Renaissance writer, Miguel de Cervantes, was known for creating works that were based on his or her professional expertise.

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Which humanist idea affected the Renaissance Society?

What humanist concept had an impact on Renaissance society? People are, at their heart, fundamentally decent. individuality.

Which best explains how wealthy residents of Italian cities contributed to the Renaissance?

Which of the following best describes how rich citizens of Italian cities contributed to the Renaissance? Wealthy citizens purchased pieces of art, therefore assisting artists in their endeavors.

Which development was most responsible for the spread of Renaissance ideas beyond Italy?

The invention of paper, the invention of the printing press, and the establishment of new colleges all contributed to the spread of the Renaissance outside Italy to other places where ideas were changing. This refers to the individuals in northern Europe who altered the perceptions of Renaissance art.

How did the intellectual and philosophical ideas of the Renaissance?

When it came to the Renaissance, how did people’s perceptions of themselves and their role in the world change as a result of their intellectual and philosophical ideas? People were able to express themselves more fully via art, which had an impact on how others perceived them, and if they were skilled, their lives were transformed.

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