According To The Ideas Presented In A Modest Proposal What Does The Narrator Seem To Value Most? (Solved)

Following the themes offered in “A Modest Proposal,” what does the narrator appear to appreciate most in this short story? Money.

  • What does the narrator consider to be the most important aspect of a modest proposal? Following the themes offered in “A Modest Proposal,” what does the narrator appear to appreciate most in this short story? It’s all about money.

What is the main idea presented in A Modest Proposal?

It is proposed in the article, which is presented as an economic treatise, that the government alleviate poverty in Ireland by killing the children of Irish impoverished families and selling them as food to affluent English landlords.

What tone does the narrator use in A Modest Proposal?

Ironic and cynical in tone When the narrator “humbly” expresses his opinions on cannibalism, he does so as if they are entirely valid, completely ignoring the fact that they violate every guideline in the book (9).

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What are the solutions presented by the writer in A Modest Proposal?

The various remedies suggested by others are listed in detail, including taxing absentee landowners, purchasing only domestically manufactured goods, rejecting “foreign luxury,” reforming the morality of Irish women, instilling “Parsimony, Prudence, and Temperance” in the people, and abandoning the practice of slavery.

What is the main point of A Modest Proposal quizlet?

Swift satirizes Ireland’s impoverished, who are living in deplorable conditions, by identifying the problem first. He then makes a solution for alleviating this load, which includes reducing the population, finding a new source of food, and putting an end to begging on the streets.

Which persuasive technique is the narrator using in this paragraph A Modest Proposal?

This paragraph contains examples of which persuasive techniques are being employed by the storyteller. In this line, he uses evidence and logos to illustrate his fairly “logical” rationale for his plan, stating that newborns are not helpful until they are at least six years old, and so we should do something else with them.

How would you describe the speaker in the essay A Modest Proposal?

The speaker is a Protestant who belongs to the upper level of Irish society. While he expresses sympathy for the situation of the poor Catholic community, he also appears to maintain a negative attitude about this group of people.

What tone does Swift take to get his point across?

Jonathan Swift Makes a Simple Proposal While Swift is attempting to communicate his point, his demeanor may best be described as cold and calculating. A “cycle of poverty” is briefly described by him, in which parents are too poor, which implies that their children would be poor as well, which leads to the notion of eating the impoverished children as well.

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What is Jonathan Swift’s solution in A Modest Proposal?

The Irish writer Jonathan Swift vented his rage in A Modest Proposal, a satirical booklet that suggested child-eating as the sole possible solution to the country’s hunger after multiple failed attempts to enact laws in the country’s parliament.

What is Swift’s overall purpose for writing the satirical essay A Modest Proposal?

Swift’s satirical essay is intended to draw attention to the difficulties that the people of Ireland were experiencing at the time. It was his hope that the English (who controlled Ireland at the time) would see what they were doing and implement changes that would alleviate the difficulties that they had contributed to creating.

What is the main problem and solution stated in the modest proposal?

With hard-edged economic logic, as well as from a self-righteous moral posture, the author argues for a means to convert this problem into a solution in and of itself. His suggestion, in essence, is to fatten up these malnourished youngsters so that they might be fed to Ireland’s wealthy landowners and farmers.

What is Swift’s chief satirical target in A Modest Proposal What changes in this target might swift hope to produce?

Swift’s primary satirical target in A Modest Proposal was the Whig government in England, which he accused of exploitation of the English language.

How is A Modest Proposal satire?

In order to convey its point, “A Modest Proposal” employs a technique known as satire, which is defined as the use of sarcasm, comedy, or exaggeration to critique the beliefs of others. Swift establishes his argument by putting together an abhorrent collection of ethically indefensible premises in order to assign guilt to everyone and everything at once.

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What is the effect of the word modest in the title?

What is the ramifications of the word “modest” being included in the title? The term establishes a serious tone for the remainder of the essay. Because the essay is satirical, the use of the word “modest” in the title is a play on words. The first word of the essay creates an atmosphere for the reader to enjoy the rest of the article.

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