10 Creative Key Holders & Racks Ideas

Key holder should be in every home. Without it, we throw the keys at random and then we have a problem finding them. Ways, ideas and solutions that can be used to create a homemade holder keys are many. Today we have prepared for you 10 ideas on how to make creative key holders & racks for your home.

Easy to make painted key holder magnets with cork and gold accents. Tutorial

Turn a boring wooden frame into a cool and functional key holder! Tutorial

A fun wood project that anyone can create with the right supplies! Tutorial

DIY Lego Keyholder. Tutorial

DIY Frame Key Holder. Tutorial

Black mustache key hook. Source

Tennis ball as a key holder. Source

Key Holder with utensils. Source

Vintage key holders out of wooden fences. Source

Old Doornobs DIY Retro Key Holder. Tutorial


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