8 Easy Ways to Repurpose Your Broken Umbrella

Umbrella is one of the most necessary and indispensable gadgets. What may be useful, in addition to protecting us from soaked? With our ideas of your broken and damaged umbrella will gain a second life! You can use them to make a wreath with flowers for your front door, coat hook and more.

1. The umbrella handle makes a very stylish coat hook. Tutorial

2. Easter Door Umbrella Decoration. Source

3. Umbrellas converted into colorful skirt. Source

4. Umbrella as Drying Rack. Source

5. Reusable grocery bag out of a busted umbrella. Tutorial

6. How about making a magazine holder out of an old umbrella? Source

7. This umbrella has been stripped of its fabric and transformed into unique photo holder. Source

8. Protective covering for your plants. Source


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