15 Things To Do With Old CDs

Do you have any old CDs that you don’t listen to or that you are bored of? Don’t throw them away because they can be turned into many versatile and creative items. Here are some interesting ideas for things you can do with your collection of shiny disks.

 1   Triangle Statement Necklace out of CDs

Triangle statement necklace out of CDs

Tutorial: Get Inspired by Evanna

 2   Quick DIY Bookends Made From CDs

Bookends Made From CDs

Tutorial: Craft Your Happiness


 3   Old CD Wall Clock

Old CD Wall Clock

Tutorial: Made by Lakshmi


 4   Woven CD Dream Catchers

Woven CD Dream Catchers

Tutorial: Pink Stripey Socks


 5   Kaleidoscope Earrings

kaleidoscope earrings

Tutorial: The Kipi Blog


 6   CD Cupcake Stand

CD cupcake stand

Tutorial: The Swell Designer


 7   Recycled CD Coasters

Recycled CD Coasters

Tutorial: Crafts by Amanda


 8   Easy DIY CD Wreath

CD Wreath

Tutorial: Petticoat Junktion


 9   Upcycled CD Placemat

Upcycled CD Placemat

Tutorial: Upcycled Design Lab


 10   CD Wall Hanging

CD Wall Hanging

Tutorial: Creative Me Inspired You


 11   CD Ornaments

CD Ornaments

Tutorial: Thriftalina


 12   Recycled CD Mosaic Photo Frame

Recycled CD Mosaic Photo Frame

Tutorial: Make it Easy Crafts


 13   CD Stack Lamp

CD stack lamp

Tutorial: Amazing DIY


 14   DIY Disco Ball

Disco Ball

Tutorial: Skip to My Lou


 15   Wind Chimes

wind chimes

Tutorial: Evil Mad Scientist

And there you have it – 15 amazing things you can do with your old CDs! Now, go and round up those CDs you don’t play anymore, and get crafting!

15 Things To Do With Old CDs


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