Things to Make From Wine Corks

With a wine cork, you can create amazing things and is in addition very useful. In addition, wine corks are really wide range of applications.. For Example it’s easy to create with them Christmas decorations. So before you throw corks from wine, take a look at our proposals. We collected only the best ideas for using corks from wine. Below you can find them and by clicking on the site address, you’ll be taken directly to the instruction page.

Turkey Wine Cork Place Cards – Make cute turkey place cards out of paper scraps and wine corks for your Thanksgiving table!

Wine Cork Reindeer Ornament – An easy spin on the wine cork reindeer ornament. These little fellows are sure to light your Christmas tree this holiday season.

Cork Ball Ornament – You could use it as an ornament now and after the holidays display it on your coffee table or book shelves!

DIY Wine Cork Snowflake – Perfect as an ornament, decor, or a favor, these wine cork snowflakes are easy to make… and they sparkle with glitter!

Cork Key – No more worries about dropping your boat key in the ocean, with a cork attached it’ll float!

Wine Cork Board – Remembering all of our favorite wines with this easy DIY wine cork board.

Cork Air Plant Planter – Turn a champagne cork into a tiny air plant planter

Wine Cork Pendants – Put those saved up wine corks to use by making pretty pendants.


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