15 Insanely Adorable Pipe Cleaner Crafts To Make With Kids

11. Gift Wrap

Gift Wrap

Add flair to your holiday presents with this clever (and easy!) gift-wrapping idea! (Tutorial via Oh Happy Day)

12. Flower Pipe Cleaner Rings

Flower Pipe Cleaner Rings

These flower rings are so easy to put together, and look really cool! Now your little princess can make her own rings! (Tutorial via Funky Polka Dot Giraffe)

13. Pipe Cleaner Shamrocks

Pipe Cleaner Shamrocks

All you need to make these shamrocks is a green pipe cleaner and your hands! (Tutorial via Catholicicing)

14. Pipe Cleaner Glasses

pipe cleaner glasses

This fun project is perfect for a quick costume add-on or just silly playtime fun. (Tutorial via Meet the Dubiens)

15. Painted Twig and Pipe Cleaner Wall Art

Painted twig and pipe cleaner wall art

This wall art will add a nice touch of color to your decor and will be welcomed decoration to any wall. (Tutorial via Pink Stripey Socks)


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