15 Insanely Adorable Pipe Cleaner Crafts To Make With Kids

15 Insanely Adorable Pipe Cleaner Crafts

Pipe cleaners are some of our favorite supplies for kids fun. They come in a variety of colours, are fairly inexpensive and totally versatile. From pipe cleaner animals to other fun activities and crafts, we present you 15 easy DIY pipe cleaner craft projects that your kids will love!

1. Make a Cute Pipe Cleaner Dog

Cute Pipe Cleaner Dog

All you need is a pipe cleaner and beads for eyes and nose. (Tutorial via CraftFoxes)

2. No Glue Conker Spiders

No Glue Conker Spiders

Turn conkers (or walnuts) into spiders with some googly eyes and pipe cleaners. (Tutorial via Wolves in London)

3. Pipe Cleaner Pencils

Pipe Cleaner Pencils

Add a little bling to your pencils by wrapping them with sparkly pipe cleaners. (Tutorial via Design Improvised)

4. Pipe Cleaner Christmas Trees

Pipe Cleaner Christmas Trees

What a great little idea to make quick, easy and colorful Christmas trees! (Tutorial via Play Trains)

5. Pipe Cleaner Crown

Pipe Cleaner Crown

Create this whimsical crown out of pipe cleaners! Works wonderfully as a photo prop, a costume edition or for parties. (Tutorial via Be a Fun Mum)


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