25 Gorgeous DIY Paper Flower Projects

Want flowers that will never wilt? Make them out of paper!

25 Gorgeous DIY Paper Flower Projects

Paper flowers are a great alternative to fresh flowers. Not only will they last a lifetime, but they are eco-friendly, durable and unique! Paper flowers are perfect for weddings, home decor, and party decorations. You can also make paper flower bouquets and give them as handmade gifts to your loved ones. We have rounded up 25 unique and beautiful paper flower projects that we think you will love.

Crepe and Watercolor Flower

 1   Crepe and Watercolor Flower Tutorial by Craftberry Bush


Magazine Paper Flowers

 2   DIY Magazine Paper Flowers by Rock n Roll Bride


Coffee Filter Flowers

 3   DIY Coffee Filter Flowers by Crazy Organized


Paper Flower Pomanders

 4   Paper Flower Pomanders by The Artisan Life


Giant Peony Flowers

 5   Giant Peony Flowers by Doodlecraft

accordion paper flowers

 6   Accordion Paper Flowers by Lisa Storms

Easy Paper Hyacinth Flowers

 7   Easy Paper Hyacinth Flowers by S&S Blog


Crepe Paper Water Lily

 8   Crepe Paper Water Lily from Ash and Crafts


Giant Paper Daffodil

 9   DIY Giant Paper Daffodil by Ohoh Deco

Paper Daisy Flowers

 10   Paper Daisy Flowers by Abbi Kirsten Collections

Sweet Cherry Blossom Paper Flowers

 11   Sweet Cherry Blossom Paper Flowers by Sustain My Craft Habit

Freesia Paper Flower

 12   Freesia Paper Flower by Lia Griffith

Giant Crepe Paper Flowers

 13   Giant Crepe Paper Flowers by Happy Hour Projects

Giant Paper Sunflowers

 14   Giant Paper Sunflowers by Nichol Spohr

Paper Magnolia Blossoms

 15   DIY Paper Magnolia Blossoms by Vitamini Handmade

Paper Succulents

 16   Paper Succulents by Craft Box Girls

Handprint Flowers

 17    Handprint Flowers by The Best Ideas for Kids

Paper Tulips

 18   Paper Tulips by Red Ted Art

Beautiful Map Roses

 19   Beautiful Map Roses by Pillar Box Blue

Paper Flower Bells

 20   DIY Paper Flower Bells by The House that Lars Built

Tissue Paper Fringe Flowers

 21   Tissue Paper Fringe Flowers by Hello Wonderful

Paper Doily Flowers

 22   Paper Doily Flowers by Design Improvised

Paper Plate Flowers

 23   Paper Plate Flowers by Muslin & Merlot

Paper Poppies

 24   Paper Poppies by Why Don’t You Make Me?

coffee filter tulips

 25   Coffee Filter Tulips by Aunt Peaches

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