21 Quick & Easy No-Sew Projects for Beginners

8. Leather Key Pouch

Leather Key Pouch

Perfect quick gift to make for special occasion. (Tutorial via Craft Passion)

9. DIY Leather Makeup Brush Roll

leather makeup brush roll

Make this elegant no-sew DIY makeup brush roll from an upcycled leather jacket! (Tutorial via Classic in Gray)

10. Fake Roman Shades

Fake Roman Shades

Update your windows with these black and white faux Roman shades. (Tutorial via One-O)

11. DIY No-Sew Waist Apron

No-Sew Waist Apron

All you need is fabric, scissors and glue to make your own cute chambray cafe apron! (Tutorial via Almost Makes Perfect)

12. T-Shirt Slippers

T-Shirt Slippers

These t-shirt slippers are a clever way to upcycle t-shirts. (Tutorial via Green Issuess by Agy)

13. No-Sew DIY Cat Bed

No-Sew DIY Cat Bed

This haven is made from a wire clothes hanger and t-shirt! (Tutorial via Instructables)

14. No-Sew Eyeglasses Case

No-Sew Eyeglasses Case

Here’s a super easy craft and handy accessory to hold your eyeglasses or sunglasses in. (Tutorial via Two Shades of Pink)

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