12 Clever Laundry Room Storage Ideas

12 Clever Laundry Room Storage Ideas

Doing laundry isn’t a task that many of us enjoy, however having a pretty space to work in certainly lightens the load. If your laundry room looks like a disaster area, we have some clever ideas how to organize it. Check out these 12 laundry room storage and organization ideas to make your space more efficient.

1. DIY Laundry Pedestal

Laundry Pedestal

A cheaper and more functional alternative to those expensive drawers. {Tutorial via Addicted 2 DIY}

2. Rolling Laundry Basket Dresser

Rolling Laundry Basket Dresser

This rolling laundry basket dresser is a great way to organize the laundry room and save yourself a bit of time when doing laundry. {Tutorial via Infarrantly Creative}

3. Chalkboard Door Rack

Chalkboard Door Rack

Utilize the back of the door to hang a rack to organize laundry supplies. {Tutorial via My Sweet Savannah}

4. DIY Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves

Utilize the space above the washer and dryer by adding floating shelves. {Tutorial via Four Generations One Roof}

5. DIY Laundry Room Drying Rack

Laundry Room Drying Rack

Perfect for drying your delicate clothing. {Tutorial via Centsational Girl}

6. DIY Built-in Ironing Board

Built-in Ironing Board

This built in ironing board is easy to pull out and use whenever you need it. {Tutorial via Build and Rebuild}

7. Retractable Clothesline

Retractable Clothes Line

Love this way of adding drying space in a small laundry room! Tuck a retractable clothesline in to your laundry room cabinets to maximize your line drying space. {Tutorial via Just About Home}

8. Small Side Baskets

Small Side Baskets

Attach a few baskets to the wall to store all the laundry detergents, dryer sheets, stain remover. {Tutorial via Waffling}

9. DIY Ladder Laundry Rack

Ladder Laundry Rack

Here’s fantastic idea to repurpose your old ladder as a drying rack. {Tutorial via Little Lucy Lu}

10. Pull-Out Drying Rack

Pull-out Drying Rack

This takes up a lot less room than a drying rack and it’s hidden when not in use. {Tutorial via Sawdust Girl}

11. Ironing Board On Top Of Washer And Dryer

Ironing Board On Top Of Washer And Dryer

Great project to convert the top of your washer and dryer into an ironing surface. {Tutorial via Design Dishes}

12. Wanted Laundry Board

Wanted Laundry Board

Creative way to keep all of those “missing” pairs in one spot! {Tutorial via The House of Smiths}


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