15 Quick and Clever Ideas for Organizing Your Craft Supplies

15 Quick and Clever Ideas for Organizing Your Craft Supplies

Do you enjoy crafting but find that your stash of supplies is growing out of control? To me, organizing craft supplies is the key to keeping your creative juices alive and flowing.

Today I’ve rounded up some easy organizing ideas that will keep your yarns and ribbons from tangling, prevent you from stepping on a pin, and save you from slipping over beads!

1. Make a Pretty Storage Box for Ribbons

Pretty Storage Box for Ribbons

This ribbon storage box keeps your ribbons organized, tangle-free, and accessible. (Tutorial at: Fab You Bliss)

2. Pin Cushion Canning Jar

Pin Cushion Canning Jar

A simple and inexpensive project that doesn’t require any fancy equipment or special skills, and it makes a great gift! (Tutorial at: iLoveToCreate)

3. Sewing Thread Holder

Sewing Thread Holder

Great for storing and organizing your thread collection. (Tutorial at: The Creative Homemakers)

4. 10 Minute Marker Caddy

10 Minute Marker Caddy

Just stick toilet paper rolls into a cardboard box to make this super simple organizer! (Tutorial at: Aunt Peaches)

5. Organizing Embroidery Floss

Organizing Embroidery Floss

Keep embroidery floss from unraveling and getting lost by wrapping it around a clothespin. (via Heatherjslife)

6. Fabric Storage

Fabric Storage

Use letter holders for a beautiful way to store your fabric. (via Design Mom)

7. Tic Tac Ribbon Storage

Tic Tac Ribbon Storage

Use Tic Tac containers for a smart ribbon storage solution. A simple yet very creative idea. (via Pretty Prudent)

8. Shower Caddy Gift-Wrap Organization

Shower Caddy Gift-Wrap Organization

Mount a shower caddy to the wall to hold everything from gift wrapping supplies to scissors to notebooks. (via BHG)

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