How to Eliminate Puffiness under Eyes

Looking at the mirror early in the morning is one of the habits which people cannot just ignore. It is actually a routine which has been a part of the daily life of many individuals who are conscious of their face after sleeping at night. If you are one of these people, you might be thinking what can be the ways of eliminating those puffy eyes of yours.

There are lots of ways which you do in order to eliminate the puffiness of your eyes. Here are the following ways which can possibly be the solution for eliminating its puffiness and make you look fresher:

• Drink lots of water – Drinking plenty water is one of the most effective ways. You may have the question in mind why water is the first thing to do in order to eliminate your puffy eyes. Water retention is the answer for that. Water retention is the main reason for the high concentration of salt around the area of the eyes. You might have the puffy eyes as a result of crying before sleeping or you have eaten salty foods for dinner. Water will be the one to reduce the puffiness under eyes because it flushes all the salt in the eye area and relieves the swelling down. You must also avoid some of the beverages which are also the reason why you can get puffy eyes.

• Put something cold – Applying something cold to your eyes will really help you to reduce the puffiness. Cold things, like a sliced cucumber with the size that will fit the size of your eyes and tea bags which you must first replace into the freezer for at least fifteen minutes, can truly be helpful. Let the cold things in your eyes to get warm before removing it.

• Use Astringent – The use of astringent is really helpful to reduce the puffiness under your eyes. Use those Astringent creams or tonics. This has the help of tightening the skin of your eyes. Apply properly the cream and tonics to avoid direct eye contact with the chemicals that the astringent has. If you do not have the astringent at home or you want to put natural ingredients into your eyes, then try potato. Potato can also serve as an alternative because it has also the natural properties of astringent.

These are the ways on how you are going to reduce the puffiness under your eyes. Though you have these ways as the solution, it is still better if you get rid of puffy eyes in order to make you free from it. Here are the following ways which are also helpful for you to not get puffy eyes anymore:

• Have your daily exercise
• Sleep form the right time of sleeping
• Get your head elevated when sleeping
• Take good care of your face
• Follow healthy lifestyle

Eliminating and getting rid of having the puffy eyes will never be hard to achieve if you know some of these ways given above. You may try for yourself if you have the doubt that it really helps. Anyway, the best thing that you have to remember is to take good care of yourself.

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