How to Choose the Best Lipstick Color

Lipstick is perhaps one of the most important accessories that most women in the world needs. When you are wearing the best lipstick, it will surely release your inner beauty and glow. On the other hand, selecting the wrong lipstick can surely ruin everything. Keep in mind that there are various types, shades and colors of lipstick. It is best if you will able to select the right one that is suitable to your individual needs.

When choosing a lipstick, the complexion plays a very important role. When you know your completion, it can be an excellent means on how you can able to determine the right shade. You have to determine if your skin tone is either cool or warm. If you have a golden undertone, it means that you have a warm skin tone. This can be accessories by using gold jewelries while the ones with cool skin tone typically have pink undertone, so silver jewelry suits best.

Lipsticks with burgundy and brown undertones are applicable for individuals with warm tone instead of cool tone. However, coral and blue-based lipstick will surely match cooler skin tone respectively.

One effective means on how to select the right lipstick is to know if you have dark, fair or medium skin color. Usually, fair-skinned women will perfectly look good with blue undertone. Additionally, they can also wear bright red lipstick too. For women with medium skin color is ideal to choose brown or earthier tones and they can also use blue-based lipstick. They also have more chance to select larger shades of lipstick. For individual with dark skin can try burgundies and purples colors of lipstick as well. These are just tips and not rules, it is best to wear the right lipstick that is suitable for you. It would be best if you can ask your family member, colleagues and peers if the lipstick you want is suitable for you or not is also an essential advice to remember.

Lipsticks can offer a dramatic flair and can capture an attention, You just have to choose the right shade and color of lipstick in order for you to have achieve the best look. Not selecting the right one will make you look horrible.

When choosing a lipstick, it would be best also if you can use a lip liner, so that the lipstick will not be messy. As for the color for your lip liner, it is best to stick to nude or same shade or most shades that are darker than the color of your lipstick.

Before you buy a lipstick, it is best to try it first as this can help you determine if it is right for you. It would be best if the beauty shops have some samples in order to assure that the color is definitely right for you. Once you have selected the best or suitable lipstick color, it will surely help you show your real glow and beauty.


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