20 Easy Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

11. Felt Heart Hand Warmers

Felt Heart Hand Warmers

(DIY tutorial: Hello Glow)

12. Animal Key Rings

Animal Key Rings

(DIY tutorial: Burkatron)

13. Photo Clock

Photo Clock

(DIY tutorial: Rosy Red Buttons)

14. Hand Painted Dipped Spoons

Hand Painted Dipped Spoons

(DIY tutorial: Like a Saturday)

15. Pop-Up Photo Box

pop-up photo box

(DIY tutorial: Essentials)

16. Pom Pom Bag Charm

Pom Pom Bag Charm

(DIY tutorial: A Pair & A Spare)

17. Cord Keeper From Fabric Scraps

Cord Keeper From Fabric Scraps

(DIY tutorial: Leafy Treetop)

18. Photo Puzzle

Photo Puzzle

(DIY tutorial: The Homesteady)

19. Silhouette Jewelry

Silhouette Jewelry

(DIY tutorial: Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss)

20. Recipe Holder

Recipe Holder

(DIY tutorial: Lilluna)


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  1. Could you please email me what materials you used for the lanterns. If you could get back to me as soon as you could that would be great.


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