12 DIY Dog House Ideas For Your Little Friend

If your dog enjoys spending time outdoors, a dog house is a must for his happiness, health, and well-being. It gives the dog a secure den to call his own – a place to retreat when he wants to relax. Dog houses are simple projects and can be completed by someone with just basic DIY skills. We’ve compiled a list of DIY dog houses, from simple to sophisticated, for all sorts of different dog personalities.

1. Crooked Doghouse

Crooked Doghouse

{Instructions at: Ana White}

2. A-Frame Dog House for Under $75

A-Frame doghouse for under $75

{Instructions at: Instructables}


3. Dog House with Roof Top Deck

Dog House with Roof Top Deck

{Instructions at: The Home Depot}


4. Geometric Dog House

Geometric Doghouse

{Instructions at: Homemade Modern}


5. DIY Classic Red Dog House

Simple Classic Design

{Instructions at: Remove and Replace}


6. Log Cabin Dog House

Log Cabin Doghouse

{Instructions at: DIY Network}


7. Breezy Dog House

Breezy Dog House

{Instructions at: Shanty 2 Chic}


8. Traditional Dog House

Traditional Dog House

{Instructions at: Paperblog}


9. Insulated Dog House

Insulated Dog House

{Instructions at: HowToSpecialist}


10. DIY Double Door Dog House

Double Door Dog House

{Instructions at: Intelligent Domestications}


11. Stylish Ranch-Style Dog House

stylish ranch-style doghouse

{Instructions at: Sunset}


12. Country Dog House with Porch

Country Dog House with Porch

{Instructions at: DIY Attempt}

12 DIY Dog House Ideas For Your Little Friend


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