10 Small But Impactful DIY Bathroom Upgrades

Does your bathroom need an upgrade? Use your DIY skills to boost the organization and functionality of your bathroom, updating it on the cheap. Here are 10 easy DIY bathroom projects almost anyone can do.

1. Frame Your Bathroom Mirror

Make a Wood Frame for a Bathroom Mirror

Add a wooden frame to the mirror you already have, creating a beautiful and finished look. (DIY Tutorial: Cherished Bliss)


2. Install Your Own Pebble Shower Floor

Install Your Own Pebble Shower Floor

Having a pebble shower floor gives you a nice foot massage each time you step on it. (DIY tutorial: Something from Nothing)

3. DIY Marble Tray

Marble Tray

Add a touch of budget-friendly luxury to your bathroom with this DIY marble tray. (DIY tutorial: Musings on Momentum)


4. DIY Wooden Bath Mat

cedar bath mat

This cedar bath mat is a beautiful replacement for a bathroom rug. It’s simple to maintain, adds some freshness to the room, and it really pops on a tile floor. (DIY tutorial: The Merry Thought)


5. DIY Vanity Makeover using Concrete Overlay

Vanity Makeover using Concrete Overlay

You can transform your outdated vanity with concrete for around $20! (DIY tutorial: Designer Trapped)


6. DIY Bathroom Organizer

Mason Jar Organizer

Build a set of organizers from mason jars and a piece of wood. (DIY tutorial: The DIY Playbook)


7. Bathtub Tray

Bathtub Tray

Create a simple (and gorgeous!) bathtub tray to make your baths even more relaxing! (DIY tutorial: Urban Acreage)


8. Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Fancy up your hand washing station with this clean and elegant mason jar soap dispenser. (DIY tutorial: Love Grows Wild)


9. Paint Your Bathroom Tiles

Rainbow Tiled Bathroom

Painting over old ceramic tiles in the bathroom is a good way to improve its look without spending too much money. (DIY tutorial: Instructables)


10. DIY Storage Ladder

Storage Ladder

Build your own DIY storage ladder – it’s a great way to add extra storage and charm to your bathroom. (DIY tutorial: Clean and Scentsible)

10 Small But Impactful DIY Bathroom Upgrades


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