15 Amazingly Creative Container Garden Ideas

15 Amazingly Creative Container Garden Ideas

Looking for a little inspiration to get your garden started in a container? Why not add a little bit of whimsy and beauty to your porch or patio with items you already have around the house? Here are some clever container garden ideas that are easy to recreate.

1. Hanging Container Garden

Hanging Container Garden

Build a simple vertical planter to grow lots of small plants in limited space. (Tutorial: HomeMade Modern)

2. An Old Tin Bath Container

Old Tin Container

Tins are great for growing all sorts of vegetables and flower plants. (Via: Minnies’s Milestones)

3. Upcycled Copper Planters

upcycled copper planters

These are fabulous! Copper looks so so great with greens. (Tutorial: The Jungalow)

4. Chalkboard Pot

Chalkboard Pot

Turn an ordinary pot into a chalkboard pot that you can write on. (Tutorial: Glue & Glitter)

5. Colander Planters

Colander Planters

Repurpose your old colanders in a unique way for gardening use. (Via: Bonnie Plants)


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