8 Ways to Burn 500 Calories A Day

Burning 500 calories a day means losing a pound of body fats a week. Engaging in a well-planned exercise will help you to realize this goal. But, of course, the amount of calories you burn will rely on the amount of effort you are investing into it.

The heavier you are, the more calories you need to burn, which means the more effort you have to exert. Actually, everything you do help you to burn calories such as standing up, mopping the floor, sitting down, washing clothes, etc. However, these activities do not burn many calories to help you achieve a slimmer body.

Here the suggested activities which you can try at home to maintain your healthy and sexy body without depriving yourself to eat less.

1. Dancing

Dance with the beat of your favorite genre of music whether it is a ballroom music or modern dance. According to experts, a 60-minute salsa will burn 290 calories while a modern dance will burn 310 calories. If you are into aerobic dancing, you can burn 443 calories in just one hour.

2. Stair Climbing

Find some stairs to climb and try to run up and then walk down as much as you can. Doing this routine everyday for about 50 minutes will definitely burn your calories.

3. Jumping rope

Get a jumping rope and split up the number of jump into two, one session for the morning and the other session will be in the evening. Increase the number of jump for next succeeding days. You are capable of burning 670 calories with intensive workout using your childhood jumping rope.

4. Jogging

By an hour of jogging you can burn an impressive amount of 398 calories per day. Jogging is also a great workout to improve your cardio health. Sweat a lot and dissolve your fats.

5. Cycling

Peddling a bike can burn up to 398 calories just like an hour of jogging in your backyard. So, dust off your old bike and take a vigorous cycling exercise inside your house and be able to burn as much as 483 calories depending on your resistance and speed.

6. Boxing

Boxing doesn’t only applicable inside the gym, you can just simply buy a boxing gloves and hang a bag of sand to serve as your improvised punching bag. But, if you can come to the gym an hour of boxing will burn 727 calories.

7. Playing Tennis

To burn calories, you have to increase your activity to sweat. One of the easiest ways to burn calories is engaging in your favorite sports like tennis. Without you knowing, you were able to cut down some of your belly fats while improving your skills in this type of sports.

8. Strength Training

Push-ups, lunges, curl-ups, and pull-ups can burn rapidly your calories depending on the intensity of your workout. Remember that the more strenuous workout you do the more calories you burn. You have to burn an amount of 3500 calories to reduce a single pound of weight.


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