8 Items Every Woman’s Wardrobe Should Have

Have you experience standing in front of your closet full of clothes but still you can’t find anything to wear?

Elegance and confidence are the important things that women must have. Your wardrobe helps you exude the classy, composed, and cool air of a woman. There are items that you should have in your closet to maintain the looks that you must possessed.

As compared to men, women require wide range of wardrobe essentials and the most important quality of every woman’s clothing piece is versatility. Your piece of clothing must work with any outfits to save money.

Timeless pieces are good investment and you will not be worried what to wear whenever there is an urgent occasion for you to attend on.

1. Skinny jeans

Jeans are said to be magic pants to make your butt looks good. Just make sure you have to find the one that is perfectly hugs your butt, thighs, and legs. They may be expensive but it is very comfortable for outdoor activities. When buying a jeans pay attention on the stretch, pocket, and waistline cut. If you want look for more fashionable, there are colored jeans perfect to pair up fats or boots.

2. Black pencil-cut skirt

Wearing a pencil skirt will make you feel sexy and classy. Choose the right cut for you considering its length and fit to pull it off. Look for the one that measures two inches above the knee and hugs your waist, thighs, and hips perfectly. However, over tight is not also good.

3. Cardigan

You must have to try things out of the box and get out once in a while from boring stripes, floras, polka dots, and sequins. Cardigan is a cozy outfit and must-have item to be included in your closet. It is also a very functional layering piece pair with fitted pencil skirt.

4. Black Blazer

Blazer is important apparel for classy woman who used to attend business meeting or casual lunch with officemates. It adds some flair to your fashion statement. A black blazer is a very versatile piece of clothing perfect for a business presentation, formal occasion, and semi-formal event.

5. Swimsuit

Though swimsuit is seldom used but considering there are local gyms and country clubs within your area, it is always good to own a pair of colored swimsuit.

6. High Heels

Heels make you feel sexy and look sexy. It makes your legs a little bit longer than usual and creates a more sophisticated looks. Black heels will suit to all types of clothes whether you will go the office, attend a cocktail party, or go for a date.

7. Handbag

A handbag is used to complete your look. Select a handbag that can be paired to any types of clothes. The size should not too small and not too big for you to complement to your outfit. The design should also match to your style and personality.

8. Jewelries

Any outfit would be boring without a piece of jewelries. Jewelries are essential accessories for woman of all ages. Just add the right amount of bling enough not to overpower you. Use jewelries that will match to your style and mood.


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