6 Worst Things to Eat Before Going to Bed

There are foods that will hinder your sleeping time for your body will be activated all night. For busy people who came late at night after a tough day from the office or school usually crave for food that is easy to prepare, or something that can be brought from a nearby restaurant without thinking of its nutritional value. As a result, you lose your energy the next day and you simply can’t have a sound sleep for having an uncomfortable feeling. Below are the worst foods you must get rid of before going to bed to have a better sleep.

1. Ice cream

It’s really soothing to your taste but its fat content won’t burn before bed. Also, its sugar will give you an unusual kind of power you badly needed the next working day. So what is the result, you’re up until midnight. Well, it doesn’t mean you can’t have ice cream at night, just don’t get a bowl of it.

2. Red meat

If you want your system at peace, you refrain from a big bite of juicy steak since meat is high both in protein and fat. It’s not actually bad to eat it at night but do it more than 4 hours before bed because meat is hard to digest.

3. Coffee

If you’re probably working at night, like a call center staying in the city, coffee is your best friend. It contains caffeine which will keep you alive. Well, no one wished to be up at 3 in the morning. So if you don’t know your tolerance in caffeine, skip coffee before bedtime.

4. Spicy Food

Who hasn’t love the taste of spicy pizza, chips and Korean noodles? A big plate won’t be bad during daytime but before bed it is a big disaster especially when you really have to sleep. Spicy foods produce an excess amount of stomach acid which may result to discomfort, heartburn and bloating.

5. Alcohol

Do you want to wake up multiple times and feel dehydrated? Avoid any kind of alcohol because it diminished the quality of sleep.

Study shows that a glass of bourbon or vodka mixed with caffeine-free soda at bedtime increased the amount of time women spent awake during the night by 15 minutes. Alcohol worsens snores for those who drink before bedtime. So, if your partner hates someone snores a lot, never try alcohol before bed.

6. Celery

Do you wonder why celery is not advisable to eat before bed? Celery is a natural diuretic which result once you eat in frequent urination. Diuretics increase the time you pee. So, if you hate uninterrupted sleep, don’t eat celery at night.

Insomnia has been a problem to many, since food is one of the factors affecting one’s sleeping habits, we must be knowledgeable on the kind of food and beverage we intake. Instead of taking any types of food mentioned above why not try to drink a glass of milk, eat fortified cereal, or enjoy a piece of banana to have a sound sleep.


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