40 Fun and Eco-friendly Pallet Crafts to Try

40 Fun and Eco-friendly Pallet Crafts to Try

Projects using wooden pallets have become popular among many DIY hobbyists. Although pallets are commonly used in the warehouses as a platform, thanks to their structure and material, the pallet got a whole new function and value. There are lots of projects using wooden pallets that can be used in different areas. From beds to shelves and plenty more fun DIY’s in between, you can make unique and rustic furniture, fun art and brilliant storage solutions. Whatever you need, build it from a pallet!

1. Pallet Coffee Table with A Glass Top

Pallet Coffee Table With A Glass Top

Details: Shelterness

2. Pallet Desk

Pallet desk

Details: Ikea Hackers

3. Pallet Wall

Pallet Wall

Details: If I weren’t So Lazy

4. Pallet Wood Repurposed as Room Dividers

Pallet wood repurposed as room dividers

Details: My Friend Staci

5. Pallet Board Art-PB Knock Off

pallet board art

Details: Serendipity from Jewels

6. Pallets Into a Rustic Recycle Bin

Pallets Into a Rustic Recycle Bin

Details: The Thinking Closet

7. Pallet Bike Rack

Pallet Bike Rack

Details: Flickr

8. Pallet Pot Rack

Pallet Pot Rack

Details: A Green Point Kitchen

9. Pallet Wine Rack

Pallet Wine Rack

Details: Wilsons and Pugs

10. The Pallet Book Nook

The Pallet book nook

Details: Recycled Interiors

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