20 Creative DIY Bird Feeders

Is there anything more relaxing than observing a family of birds flying in and out of a birdhouse and feeding in your backyard? Personally I love songbirds, and that’s why I have several feeders in my yard. If you love crafting like I do, You can make a simple bird feeder from items found around your house. Most of these feeders take you just a little time and very little money.

Here are 20 great DIY bird feeders that kids can help make. Take a look at these ideas and get inspired!

1. Upcycled Bird Feeders with Found Objects

Very creative uses of these materials. Via: Junk Market Style.com

2. Tea Cup Bird Feeders

Tea Cup Bird Feeder

They are fabulous and can be stored easily during bad weather.

Instructions: rockiescrafts.blogspot.com

3. Bird Feeder Made with Just a Plate, Bowl and Some Hardware

Bird Feeder Made with Just a Plate, Bowl and Some Hardware

Cute as well as functional! Tutorial via erinscreative.blogspot.ca

4. Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder

popsicle stick bird feeder

Great project to do with kids. Tutorial: tonyastaab.com


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