15 Creative DIY Plant Markers And Labels

15 Creative DIY Plant Markers And Labels

To know what is what in your garden, plants should be labeled. Basic plastic labels are very boring.. but these creative DIY plant markers are easy to create and add an element of sparkle and pizazz to your garden. There are tons of creative ideas and I have rounded up 15 inexpensive and decorative DIY options to inspire you to create your own.

1. Wooden Spoon Garden Markers

Wooden Spoon Garden Markers

Fun way to spruce up your herb or vegetable garden! Tutorial: A Dash of Megnut

2. Cork Markers

Cork Markers

Recycle your corks into these cool markers for your herbs or veggies. Tutorial: Emma Owl

3. Broken Terracotta Pot Markers

Terra Cotta Plant Markers

Simple and eco-friendly. Just add the name of the plant on the broken pot piece and pop in the ground! Found on: The Micro Gardener

4. Brick Style Garden Markers

Brick Style Garden Markers

Another quick, easy and free project for you! Making these markers you don’t have to worry about losing them in the wind. Found on: Simple Details

5. Aluminum Duct Tape Garden Markers

Aluminum Duct Tape Garden Markers

Aluminum tape…who would thunk? Great idea! Tutorial: Aunt Peaches


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