12 Creative Aluminum Foil Hacks to Simplify Your Life

9. Remove rust from metal using aluminum foil and water.

Remove rust from metal with aluminum foil and water

Source: feedthebirdies.com

10. Use sheet of tinfoil to scrub the accumulated black bits off the cooking grates of your grill.

Use aluminum foil to clean your grill without chemicals

Source: food52.com

11. Need a makeshift funnel? Shape a sheet of aluminum foil into a cone and stick the foil into a bottle.

Create a Makeshift Funnel with Aluminum Foil

Source: lifehacker.com

12. Ball up some aluminum foil and use it to scrub off baked-on messes, but non-stick models are not friendly to this trick.

Scrub stubborn pots and pans with aluminum foil

Source: myamericanconfessions.blogspot.ca


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