10 Genius Cleaning Tips You Probably Didn’t Know About


There is no secret that the cleaning at home is not only a duty but also the activities that we do reluctantly. Probably none of us know people for whom cleaning would be a hobby or something that enjoy doing.

Tips for easy cleaning are things you should know, because the sooner you clean up the house, the more time we have for ourselves and for the things that we like to do. Today you will learn a few good tricks, which you probably didn’t know about. Tricks are checked so you can go ahead and use them!

1. Clean a Dirty Unclean Toilet With Coca-Cola

No matter how unbelievable it may seem, Coca-Cola great clean any dirt in the toilet.


2. Clean Cast Iron with Salt

Simply scrub with coarse salt and a soft sponge. The salt works as an abrasive, removing oils, food residue, and also rust. If you have finished rinse away salt and wipe dry.


3. Clean Tight Spaces With A Ketchup Bottle

You simply have to put the lid to the vacuum hose and you’ll reach even the tiniest places using the little hole in the lid.


4. Cleaning Kitchen Oil Splatters

Only put a couple of drops of mineral oil on a paper towel, wipe on the greasy surface and watch that gunk come right off!


5. Pretreat Stovetops With Wax

Simply apply a thin layer of car wax and then wipe it off with a paper towel. Your stovetop will be shining again.



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