10 Creative DIY shoe storage solutions

Typically, each woman has a smaller or larger collection of shoes and each always say that it certainly does not have enough of them .. Although we love them and we are able to spend a fortune on them, unfortunately, we never have to not enough space to store them. Today I’ll show you some clever solutions that I use the same, and some alternative inspiration.

I hope, with this collection we’ve given you a lots inexpensive and easy alternatives for your shoe storage problems at home, and you will have no problem struggle to cross the room without stumbling a shoe!

Build a High Heel Shoe Rack – Tutorial

Cool shoe storage buckets (printable labels) – Source

Cover a shoe rack with a curtain – Source

Use a pegged coat rack – Source

Use an old ladder to hang heeled shoes on – Source

Hang your shoes – Tutorial

Use towel rails to hold shoes – Source

Display them in a large basket – Source

Build your own PVC-pipe shoe shelf – Tutorial

DIY Crown Molding Closet Shoe Organizer for Heels – Tutorial


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